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Semi-Monthy Racing
Commentary with

Email Lew at lewboyd@coastal181.com


Add to it & Watch it grow!

Whoever submits the 4500th name will receive a
$100 Coastal 181 gift certificate!


So, Fast Fred Klunk has done it again, a three-peat in the nickname
race, providing entry #4000. The knowledgeable sprint car aficionado
from Carlisle, PA, knows just how to plan the race by submitting names on
just the right lap. He sure must have a Coastal 181 library by now!

Fred Klunk from Carlisle, PA (yes the 2000th winner too) is our
winner with the 3500th name - 
Story Here

Dennis Elliott of Hoyt, KS, submitted a list of names that topped
the 3000 mark - Story Here

Ed Duncan is our  most recent winner with the 2500th name - Story Here

Fred Klunk from Carlisle, PA (that’s sprint car country!) is our
winner with the 2000th name - 
Story Here

Jerry Donahue of Huntersville, NC. was the winner
with the
1500th entry -
Story Here


Greg Birosh of upstate NY was the winner
with the 1000th entry - Story Here

Updated 5/16/17
Count - 4181

“Front Row Joe” Nemechek

(Photo by Richard Swanner)

October 1, 2007

What’s in a Name?

It snuck up on us kinda through the back door. I never really thought about it too much until that moment Geoff Bodine announced nationally that henceforth he was to be known as Geoffrey. Then the name trend started getting scary.

Why are nicknames and colorful handles out of favor? Isn’t it a neat thing when an announcer can ham it up and slide a good one through the microphone: “And, Ladies and Gentlemen, bringing up the rear in the #69 car out of Worcester, Massachusetts is none other than Mario ‘Fats’ Caruso, the Shrewsbury Flash!” What kids don’t have those wonderful names burned in their brain from the first time they sat on the edge of a seat board?

Sure, there are some left. There is “Front Row Joe,” acknowledging Nemechek’s former knack for pole shots. Of course, as you would expect, there is some zaniness from Kenny Wallace, “Herman the German” or “the Hermanator” for short. And there is the refreshing sound of no real name at all. Just call him “Smoke.”

But, fact is, nicknames are falling off as quickly as roll bar padding from Robby Gordon’s car. It seems that drivers now need to be identified with a yuppie-like seriousness. Have you seen how many initials are now used instead of first names, imitating the silliness of investment bankers? And there are lots of Jr.s and IIIs these days, as if adding such a suffix makes the person more important.

Recently Ed Duncan, a researcher on our HOT CARS COOL DRIVERS and PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK books, made up a list nicknames used by racing folk. Karl Fredrickson of Speedway Illustrated added more. Of the ones we have so far, my personal favorite goes to a seriously hard-charging kid who manhandled a huge, finned Cadillac around the grimy oiled dirt of New England’s Lakeville Speedway in the seventies. His calling card – “Sewerside Harriman.”

Here’s our list so far. Got any more? Please drop us a line so we can keep it going.

Email Lew at lewboyd@coastal181

Updated 5/16/17
Count - 4181

First Nickname Last

Snag Abbott
Rico Speed Abreu
Tom The Rabbit Abreu
Joe Rabbit Achzet
Teri Porker Ackerman
Freddie the Kutztown Komet Adam
Tony A2Z Adamowicz
Alan Superman Adams
Hank Wagon Master Adams
Howard Speed Adams
Joe Grizzly Adams
Johnny the Birdman Adams
Kenny the Malabar Missile Adams
Kevin Buzzy Adams
Don the Williamsville Warrior Adamszyk
Chuck Pink Panther Akulis
John Apples Albanese Sr.
Kevin Kamikaze Albert Jr.
Les Lovable Les Alberti
Louis Top Speed Alboronoz
Giordano Nando Aldrighetti
Francis Torch Aleshire
Bob Nemo Alexander
John Dynamite Alexander
Kirk Captain Kirk Alexander
Dave Farmer Brown Alkas

Spike Allan
Lee Stormy Night Allard
Lee Windy Day Allard
Gary Cricket Allbritain
Gary Mr. September Allbritain
Bobby Scruffy Allen
Gene Blue Allen
Jimmy the Whiz Kid Allen
Orval Candy Man Allen
Si Farmer Allen

Steady Eddy Allen

Wee Willie Allen
Roy All American Boy Alley
Donnie the Hueytown Express Allison
Aric Almi-rockin-rola Almirola
Aric Cuban Missile Almirola
Gary Bubba Altig

Pancho Alveraz
Floyd Ageless Wonder Alvis
Chuck One-Armed Bandit Amati
Ralph Chico Amaturo
Marcos Tasmanian Devil Ambrose

Junior Ambrose
Richard Red Amick
Doug D.J. Amundson
Doug Snook Amundson Sr.
LeRoy Mau-Mau Amy
John Tarzan Andersen
Alexis Smiley Anderson
Bill Big Anderson
Clarence Mutt Anderson
Dave Beef Anderson
Don Noodles Anderson
Don the Spyder Anderson
George Andy Anderson
John Spyder Anderson
Johnny Lightning Anderson
Josh DUB Anderson
Lynn Hot Rod Anderson
Wayne Three Lane Anderson

Pistol Pete Anderson

Two Lane Wayne Anderson
Mike the Rat Andreetta
Mario Piedone Andretti
Norman Stormin' Norman Andrews
Thomas Woody Andrews
Leon Round Mound of Sound Andrus
Frank Scats Anfuso
Harold Gene Angel
Dwight The Bull Angel
Vinnie WHO Annarummo
Edward the Eagle Anschutz

Methanol Mel Anthony
Terry Navireno Nightmare Anvelink
Dave Angry Dave Arbes
David Boots Archer

Boots Archer
Rodney Wild Man Argo
James Buddy Armstrong
Mark Hollywood Armstrong
Scott Jammer Armstrong

Double A Dale Armstrong
Gentleman Jack Arnold
Edwin Tex Arnold
Mike Hattiesburg Hustler Arnold
Al Big Al Arrisher
Robert Sparky Arsenault
Phil Flash Ash
Howard Buddy Ashenfelter
Bud Skull Astin
Deke the Little Man with the Big Cigar Astle
Tommy Wild Greek Athanas
Claude the Mad Monk from Montreal Aubin
Joe Dank Auriemma
Emmett Rattlesnake Austin
Robert Buster Auton
Johnny Gentleman Auxter
Roger the Ice Man Avants
Dave Cave Man Avery
Lloyd Pappy Axel
Donnie Dynamite Ayer

Arizona Ayers
Manny the Peruvian Flash Ayulo
Manuel Yo Yo Ayulo
David Cherokee Azure
Brandon The A-Team Azzalina
Bob Racing Logger Babb
Jerry the Revolution Babb
Shannon Moweaqua Missile Babb
Harold Ol’ Weird Babula
Paul Putt Bacchus
Andy Wild Child Bachetti
Jim Jumbo Back
Jim The All Knight Back
Scotty Batman Backman
Brady Macho Man Bacon
Carl Boo-Boo Badami
Fred Fuzzy Baer
Shawn Crash Bagby
Charlie the Levi King Bagwell
Butch Bullet Bahr
Racin' Jason Bahrs
Kazuya Chunky Bai
Dennis Chico Bailey
Jesse Beatle Bailey
Mike Beetle Bailey

Jumpin' Joe Bailey
Steve Bear Bailor
Les Hot Rod Baird
Slim Jim Baker
Clyde Bake Baker
EG Cannonball Baker
Elzie Buck Baker
Elzie Buddy Baker
Kenny Fireball Baker
Ron Baldy Baker
Steve the VW Rim Rider Baker
Wally Crazy Wheels Baker

Musketball Baker
Baldwin Baldy Baker Jr. and Sr.
George Choppy Baldwin
Ivan the Terrible Baldwin
Johnny Stroker Baldwin

Tiger Tom Baldwin
Gentleman George Baldwin Jr.
Dwight Hey Bale
Charles Fearless Balke
James Big Bore Ball
Tom T-Ball Ball

Rusty Ball
Robert The Madman Ballou
Mark Bubbles Balls
Paul the Tamaqua Tomato Balogash
Robert Bones Balogh
Gary Hot Shoes Balough
Mike Floodwall Flyer Balzano
John the Madman Bandy
Ralph Camel Banghart
John Johnny Coy Barbaro
Henri Red Barbeau
Basil BT Barber
Billy Banzai Barcomb
Ronnie Red Dog Barcomb
Erling Chick Bardo

Blazing Buddy Bardwell

Booper Bare
Alan Big Dog Barker
Robert Bootie Barker

Bucky Barker
Bob Barky Barkinaer

Babe Barnard
Steve the Flatland Flash Barnes
Larry Leadfoot Larry Barnett
Steve Franklin Flyer Barnett
Mark the Hammer Barnier
Johnny Rebel Barr
Tommy Real Deal Barrett
Tommy Blazer Barrett Jr.
Rubens Ironman Barrichello
Chester the Cornelia Comet Barron
Mitch Savage Barrows
Brian Autobot Bartlett
Hush Skinny Bartlett
Wesley Wes Bartlett
Dick King Richard Barton
Emmett Buzz Barton
Doug Blaze Bashe
Trick Nick Bashford
Anthony Slick Bass
Jack Jack Pot Bateman
Hunter Hot Shoe Bates
Alan The Batman Batl
Don Chowder Bauder
Charles Dutch Baumann
Johnny The Comet Baumeister
Mark WREX Bausch
Paul The Flying Farmer Bauscher
Carl the Ax Baxter
Robby The Bullet Baxter
Norm Pop Bay
Brian Dandy Bayer
Troy Super Sub Bayliss
Michael Mickey Beadle
Herman the Turtle Beam
Kyle Silent Assassin Beard
Jordan Grasshopper Beasley
John Speedy Beatty
Johnnie Flying Frenchman Beauchamp
Richard Jarb Beaudoin
Chris Woonsocket Rocket Beaulieu

Bob Jazz Beaulieu

Top Fuel Bobby Beaulieu
Dirty Dick Beauregard
Gene Uncle Beaver
Ed Fast Eddie Bechins
Marion Buzz Beck
Orval Photokiss Beckel
Danny Beserko Becker
Jeff Boris Becker
Joey Berserko Becker
Sean The Shark Becker
Jess Mr. Excitement Beckett
John Fast Jack Beckham

Topside Terry Beckham Jr.
Ed Big Ed Beckley
Dale Pops Beers
Ed Two Gun Beeso
Howard Jiggs Beetham
Jeno Mayor of Thorold South Begolo
Steve Big Cheese Beitler
Joe Cheat 'em Belem

Little Joe Belem
Kevin Super Chicken Bell
Paul Ding Dong Bell
Robert Colfax Comet Bell
Edward Eddie Eng Bellefeur
Ed Smilin' Ed Bellinger
Rob Kid Troyer Bellinger

Smiling Eddie Bellinger
Joe Sleepy Bellm
Kyle Nixa Nightmare Bellm
Michael Sparky Belmont Belmonti
Paul Red Bender
Scott Tugboat Benedict
Bob Killer Bee Benison
Dave Nasty Benjamin
Harry Handsome Harry Benjamin

Wee Willie Bennet
Bobby Mr. B Bennett
JD Jim Lamport Bennett

Piggy Bennett
C.M. Corky Benson
Johnny White Tornado Benson Sr.
James Earl PawPaw Bentley
Johnny The Black Knight Beogeman
Shannon the Cannon Beran
Kyle Marquette Missile Berck
John Sugar Bear Berg
Bruce Big Daddy Berger
Chris Booger Bergeron
Dick the Rolaid Rocket Berggren
Carl aka Bugsy Stevens Berghman
Gene Mr. Outside Bergin
Mark Sparky Berkenstock
Dave The Crayola Kid Berkheimer
Ryan Flyin' Bernal
Steve Okie Bernd
Kenny Bud King Bernstein

Dyno Don Berrio
Carl Buddy Bertz
George Mad Dog Bessette
Ralph Chick Bessette
Arnie Farmer Beswick
Gary Schmuck Bettenhausen
Melvin Tony Bettenhausen
Tony the Tinley Park Express Bettenhausen
Ron Hot Dog Bettis
Charles Elf Bettman
Harold Bugs Bunny Betts
John Leprechaun John Bey
Ronnie Weasel Beyer
Dave the Sunkist Kid Bibens

Pickles Bickelkaupt
Neil the Red Baron Bickford
Pete Mr. Small block Bicknell
Brett The Oley Jet Bieber
Don Daytona Don Biederman
Etchie the Flying Grandpa Biertzer
Greg the Biff Biffle
Tom Mouse Bigelow
Ricky Rocket Bilderback
Mark Hair Ball Billen
John Triform Billings
Matt Top Billings
Harold Bub Bilodeau

Sliding Don Bilodeau
Charlie Birdman Bird
Charlie Cigar Man Birdsell
Brian Muscatine Madman Birkhofer
Gays Cowboy Biro
John the Mayor of Seneca Falls Birosh
Raymond Flamin' Raymond Birt
Billy the Master Biscoe
Dave Bulldog Bissonnette
David Bizkit Bissonnette

Fat boy Bittings
Bobby the Belleville Bullet Bittle
Mark Mr. Twister Bittner
Gene Tubby Black
Ian Johnny Black
James B.O. Black
Johnny Boston Blackie Black
Ray Tiger Black
Thurman Blackie Blackard
James Bunkie Blackburn
Ralph Ralph the Racer Blackett
Milton Buster Blackford
Bill Blackie Blackwell
Bob Boston Bob Blair
Bob Bullet Blair
Gene Stroker Blair
Mark The Outlaw Blair
Rob Titusville Terror Blair
Calvin Colonel Blaisdel
Greg Burger Blake
Bill Pug Blalock
Edward Doc Blanchard
Jordan the Campbellsville Convict Blands
Dale Low Rider Blaney
Dale Stretch Blaney
Dale the Tall Cool One Blaney
Dave the Buckeye Bullet Blaney
Sid the Clone Blanford
James Blinky Blankenship
Cody The Milkman Bleau
Jimmy Show Time Blewett

Jungle John Blewett Jr.
Lee The Big Blister Bliss
Ray Zeke the Streak Bliss
Al Ace Blixt Sr.
Adolph Longy Blomberg
Scott Black Sunshine Bloomquist
Scott VooDoo Child Bloomquist
Bill Flying Dutchman Blum
Kevin Wildman Blum
Jerry Gentlemen Jerry Bly
Roger Fairport Flyer Boas
F.W. Sphinx Bobzien
Todd the Onion Bodine
Ken Speed Bodkins
Ralph Bomber Boehm
Ralph Ralphie the Racer Boehm
Muriel Black Jack Boggs

Chicken Boggs
Billy Bullet Bohn
Paul Tanaqua Tornado Bolagash
Omer Pop Bolduc
Ron the Bulldozer Bolduc
Kevin Rollin' Bolland
Tony Tail Spin Bonadles
Lowell Crash Bond
Richard Boney Bonebrake
Al Bon Ami Bonnell
Phil Daddy Warbucks Bonner
Fred Sonny Bonnett
Gordon Butch Book
Elbert Pappy Booker
Chuck Shaky Booth
Harry Cadillac Booth
John The Hurricane Booth
Fred the Nashoba Valley Rocket Borden
Jerry Huggie Bear Borquez

Wild Willie Borsch
Howie Dr. Destruction Bott
Steve Lehighton Lightnin' Bottcher

Big John Bottcher
Billy Brewster Bottge
Ken Zeke Bouchard
Ron Wasa Wasa Kid Bouchard
Dennie Pop Bouné
Mark Bones Bourcier
Sebastien Sea Bass Bourdais

Wild Wilford Boutilier
Larry the Baker Law Breaker Boutwell
Nathan Smokey Boutwell
Nathan Nuclear Nate Boutwell Jr.
Morris Babe Bower
Dan the Byfield Bullet Bowes

Ten Grand Tommy Bowles
Glen Slivers Boyd
Hoyt Chick Boyd
Jimmy Pappy Boyd
Robert Butch Boyd
Rufus Brooklyn Heavy Boyd
Walter Curly Boyd
Bill Doctor Dirt Boyle
Terry Terrible Terry Boyles
James Slowboy Bozeman

Black Jack Brabham
Dickie Tubby Brack
Bruno Johnny Frank Brackey
Bruno Mr. Zip Brackey
Bruno the Flying Mailman Brackey
Bruno Wacky Brackey
James Jabo Bradberry
Ian Bonz Bradford
John Mr. Flathead Bradley
Martin Mickey Bradt
Dave Sleepy Bradway
Dave Junior Bradway Jr.

Whitey Brainard
Vittorio Monza Gorilla Brambilla
Everett Hippo Brammer

Fat Mario Branchero
Brian Bucko Branham
William Wild Bill Branham
Larry Buzz Brasil Jr.
Chuck Chuckles Brawley
Charlie the Bristol Stomper Brayton

Handsome Harry Brazee
David Ragin' Rebel Breazeale
Paul 2 Lap Paul Bredenberg
Bobby Dobbers Breen
Mark Sgt B Breitwiser
John Jack Kelly Brennan
Jamy Speedy Bresette

Flyin' Phil Bressette
Frank Satan Brewer
Jimmy Tank Bridgeman
Dave the Fancy Farmer Brigati
Clarence Sport Briggs
Geoff Lug Nut Briggs
Rick Boomer Briggs
Dick Boom Briggs Jr.
Brad Pap Pap Brightbill
Craig Wild Child Brightbill
Kenny the Shillington Slingshot Brightbill
Leo Mad Dog Brighthaup

Eel Jill Brinson
Johnny Russian Rocket Britsky
Ed The Burtonville Hillbilly Brockett
George Do Do Brockman

Bubba Broderick
Ben Bon-Bon Broke-Smith
Harold the Flying Milkman Brokoff
Dick Brooksie Brooks
Ernie Nitro Dog Broughton
Richard Bubby Brouwer
Andy Animal Brown
Brian Black Jack Brown
Dan Big Brother Brown
Don Prince of Darkness Brown
Gene the Manzanita Tiger Brown
George Down Town Georgie Brown
Harold Little Ben Brown
Harry Brownie Brown
Henry Hank Brown
Jerry Chomers Brown
Jimmy Upside Down Brown
Joe Bobo Brown
Jon Jon Boy Brown
Kelly K B Brown
Ralph Hap Brown
Ralph Hop Brown
Ray Zero Brown
Reggie Rat Attack Brown
Scotty Down Town Brown
Ted One Eye Brown
Tommy Downtown Brown
W.W. Cockeye Brown
William Wayne W.W. Brown

Animal Andy Brown

Perk Brown

Rocket Roger Brown

Tiger Gene Brown

Downtown Jimmy Brown
Alvin Chipmunk Browning
Ola Flyin' Swede Brua
Mike Brew Brubaker
Rich Hippie Bruckman
James Mitch Brudy

Axle Dan Bruey
John Bozo Brumley
Carlo Buzzy Bruno
Dean Banzai Bruns
Jim Cowboy Bryan
Jimmy Cactus Jockey Bryan
Bobby Battlin' Bob Brymesser

Ramblin Man Bubak

Bubbleman Joe Bubbico
Danny The Rockaway Rocket Buccafusca
Frank Butch Buccella
Herschel Gray Fox Buchanan
Jerry Bug Man Bucker

Brick Buckholtz
Derek The Animal Buckley
Mike The Judge Buckley
Steve Royersford Rocket Buckwater
Chris Budzo Budzbar
Robert Leo Sid Bufkin
James Flookie Buford

Jammin' Bullis

Jammin' Bullis
Noel Kid Bullock
Noel Kid Bullock
Howard Bumpy Bumpus
Walter Cotton Bunker
Darrold Bunny Bunkoski

Hully Bunn
Danny Big Red Burden
Bobbie Bear Cat Burdick
Richard Moon Burgess

Silver City Shipper Burgess
Bunny Hemi Honey Burkett
Clifford Porky Burkholder
Darvin Shorty Burkholder
Todd the Tornado Burley
Bob Wildman Burman
Fred Bubba Burnell
Junior Pinky Burns
Paul Motor Burns
Arthur Buster Burt
George Blue Burton
Jeff Virginia Gentleman Burton
Kermit Jack Burton
Larry the Roseville Rocket Burton
Matt the Pebble Burton
Richard the Rock Burton
Kurt Ears Busch
Kyle Rowdy Busch
Kyle Shrub Busch
Aaron Bonsai Bush
David Freskeeto Bandito Bush
Carol Bunny Butkett
Bobby The Conductor Butler

Mad Brad Butler
Dale Mulga Button
Gordon Panic Button
Jenson JB Button

Flying Garbage man Byerley
Robert Red Byron

Tippy Byron
Niles Gas Cage
Will Sneakers/Tampa Terror Cagle
Will Wiley Will Cagle
Keith the Masked Banana Cahill
Bob Hurry Cain
Bobby Quaker Shaker Cain
Scotty Pecks Bad Boy Cain
Leo the Goobler Caldwell
Billy Bear Callicho
Johnny Full Throttle Calloway

Buddy Calloway

Wrong Way Calloway
Dave the Flash Camara
Johnny King Cambino
Pete the Rocket Cambino

Uncle Bud Camden
Edmidio Mim Camilli
Davey the Rock Island Rocket Camlin

Leapin' Lou Campa
Bob Soup Campbell
Lovie Pop Campbell
Sherman Red Campbell
Steve Mr. Smooth Campbell
Wally Crazy Wheels Campbell

Fast Freddie Campbell

Peaches Campbell
Jeanne Mommy Carlo Canep
Vince the Flying Baker Cannizaro
Larry Boom Boom Cannon
Scotty Boom Boom Cannon
William Shorty Cantlon
Billy the Gray Fox Cantrell
Billy Silver Fox Cantrell
Lorin Lead Foot Cantrelli
Bill Mad Hatter Canty
Marion Ace Canupp
Johnny the Golden Greek Capels
Anthony Flat Creek Flyer Cardamone

Dynamite Dave Cardey
Rick the High Plains Drifter Carelli
Bill Wild Bill, the Sloan Ranger Carey
Bob Gorilla Arms Carey
Doug the Ox Carlisle
Ryan Careful Carlson
Bill Wild Bill Carlton
Doug Ox Carlyle
Howard Punky Caron
Punky the Goshen Ghost Caron
Johnny Flying Schoolmaster Carpenter

King Carpenter

Oval Ed Carpenter
Eddie Salt Rock Express Carrier Jr.
Curt Bones Carroll
Scott Crash Carson
Shane Champagne Carson
Shane Noodle Arms Carson
Alan Rags Carter
Dick Shy One Carter
Duane Pancho Carter
Stanley Bud Carter
Duane Pappy Carter Sr.
Timmy Showtime Carter
Mario All American Boy Caruso
Mario Fats Caruso

Funzie Caruso

Nitro Nate Caruth
Kurzon Moose Cary
Ronnie Rocket Case
Terry Mr. Excitement Casey
Dick Cromwell Comet Caso

Daring Dick Caso

Wild Bill Cassidy
Ed Flathead Castellano
Neil Soapy Castles
Raul Woodsie Castonguay
Helio Spiderman Castroneves
P.J. Crazy Cat Catalano
Edward Buster Cathline
Benny Chief Herder Catron
Danny Kid Cauthers
Jimmy Zoomer Cavacheck
Ken Punky Cecil
Dick Boo Ceravolo
Dick Dickie Doo Ceravolo
Robert Rabbit Chafee
Kevin The Fairlee Flyer Chaffee
Norman the World's Original Flying Frenchman Chaloux
Gerald the Everett Express Chamberlain

Insane Duane Chamberlain
Jimmy Ears Chamberlin
Lawrence Roundman Chambless
Edward Honest Ed Champagne
Jeff the Jeffster Champagne
Art Chubby Chandler
Ben The Wizard Chandler
Walter Sparky Chapin
Colin Chunky Chapman
Gerald Tiger Chapman
Victor Onions Chapman
Rene the Champ Charland
Rene the Flashy Frenchman Charland
Brian Hootie Chase
Steve Television Chassey
Dennis Greek Chavaris
Jerry Smoke Cheetham
Steve Playboy Cheever
Dennis Little Hands Chevallo
Wayne Sniper Chinn
Ralph Rufus Chittenden
Bill Cheatum Chittum
Dennis Weed Chitwood
George Joie Chitwood
Bob Caveman Christie
Ken Jimmy Ryan Christman
Robert Doc Christopher
Ted TC Christopher
Gene Cinderella Ciambella
Joe Sleepy Ciecheck
Chuck Charmin' Charlie Ciprich
Shane Locust Grove Lightning Clanton
Fred Fearless Fred Clark
Kenny The Ace Clark
Maynard Hungry Clark
Paul Slippery Clark
Stan Stanimal Clark

Hungry Hank Clarke

Pappy Clary
Bryan the Bullet Clauson
Daron Modern Day Cowboy Clayton
Daron the Modern Day Cowboy Clayton
Skip Memory Lane Clayton
Joe Cranky Clearly
Leo The Lion Cleary
Todd Bubba The Love Sponge Clem
Francis Governor Clement
Glen June Cleveland

Boomer Cleveland
Floyd Pappy Cline
Frontis Major Cline
Tony Hot Foot Cline
Mack Alabama Gentleman Clingan
Bill Tiny Clinton
Howard Speedy Cloud
Ken Crash Carson Clough
Matt Williamsport Wildman Cochran
Shane Flyin Fireman Cockrum
Robert Commander Bob Cody
Wayne Tea Bag Coffey
William Fats Coffey
Ray Junie Coffin
Bruce the Kosher Cannonball Cohen
Clarence Nut Cokeley
Clarence Todd Coker
Fred Coo Coo Colassa
Mark the Ice Man Coldren
Gordon the Fargo Express Cole
Will King Cole
Michael Mighty Mike Colegrove
Richard Puddin Coleman
Alvin Jeep Colkitt
Fred Crazy Collassa
Gordon Collector Collett
Don Duck Collins
Emory Spunk Collins
Howard Buzz Collins
Mike Hub Cap Collins
Mike Joker Collins
Steve Flying Physician Collins
Walter Mile-a-Minute Collins

Shorty Collins
Fran Junior Colson
Joey The Recycler II Colsten
John The Branchburg Bandit Comandini
Jesse Flip Kid Combs
Rodney Superman Combs
Troy Rapid Comeau

Nippy Comerdinger
Hector Hec Comeu
Gary Cowboy Condon
Michael Cheese Conforth
Dave Outlaw Conger
Warren the Warrior Coniam
Warren Warrior Coniam

One Eye Connally
Brian Dude Conniss
Roy Wildcat Conover
Dennis The Wave Conrad
John The Dancing Bear Constantino
Rocco the Rock Conte
Don Mad Dog Cook
Jack Gentleman Cook
Jerry Cookie Monster Cook
Ray Tarheel Tiger Cook

Super Duke Cook
Prentice Cookie Cookman
Prentice Corky Cookman
Mike Coolie Cool
Reginald Speedy Cooley
Robert Bobby Blake Coombs
Rodney Cool Breeze Coombs
Jack The Bear Coonrood
Dave Flying Plumber Cooper
Nick Highside Hustler Cooper
Tom T-Cup Copp
Tommy Top Cat Corellis
Pete Cohoes Comet Corey
Pete the Crescent Hillbilly Corey
Ken JD Cormack
Wallace Jughead Cornforth
Lee Grandmother Cornish
Ralph Gypsy Corwin
Robert Cos Cosgrove
D.M. Doc Cossey
Altino Tex Barry Costa
Gary Hammer down Costa
Ron Boots Cote
Shane The Throttle Cottle

Uncle Nick Cottone
Jack Rock City Falls Rocket Cottrel
Andre A.J. Cottyn

Jigger Couilliard
David Cube Coulthard
Tyler Sunshine Courtney
Greg Mr. Excitement Coverdale
Joe Ad Man Coverdale

Racin' Jason Covert
CD Crash and Destroy Coville
Clarence Super CD Coville
Chad The Cheater Cowan
Bob Ironhead Cox
Jim Grandpa Cox
Steve Mr. Excitement Cox

Fast Fred Coxon
Dale the Moving Chicane Coyne
Frank The Wind Gap Wizard Cozze
John Crash Craddock
Horace Pappy Crane
L.E. Geno Crane
Ankrum Spook Crawford
Jimmy Neutron Crawford
Joe Jumpin' Crawford
Tim Crawdaddy Crawley
Darell Look Out Creekmore
Tommy the Kid Crevenho
Curtis Crawfish Crider

Crazy Jake Crimmins
Greg Murph Crisafulli
Sherman Red Crise
Chad Big Cat Criswell
Darren Don't Call Me Betty Crocker
Al Rocket Crockett
Larry Crash Crockett
Howie Mr. Dirt/the Hat Cronce
Rich Nashua Flash Crooker
Irvin Swervin Cross
Dick Flyin' Fireman Crotty
John Buddy Crotty
Robbie the Tampa Tornado Crouch
Howie The Hat Crounce
Scott Scooter Crowell
Jason Rottweiler Crump
Joe Bobby Socks Cryan
Roger Nub Cuckler
Harold Red Cummings
Oliver Sonny Cummings

Wild Bill Cummings
Joe Bozo Cummins
Larry Spook Cunningham
Vernon VG Cunningham

Pepper Cunningham
Matt Goat Roper Curless
Tom T-Bone Curley
Frank Mississippi Curtis

Gentleman Jim Cushman
Maurice Cuffy Cuthbertson
Larry Sundrop Kid Damitz
Joey Gentle Giant Daniel
Don Itch Daniels
Jerry Scratch Daniels
Peter the Lebanon Leadfoot Daniels
Steve the Cropseyville Courier Danish
A. P. Disposal Dapozzo
Dave The People's Champ Darland
Dave Tiger Darland

Deputy Dave Darland
Lawrence Wimp Darner
Todd Felix the Cat Dart
Dave the Chelsea Choo Choo Darveau
Jason Jaws Daugherty
Zach the Dauminator Daum
Jonathan Superman Davenport
Ron Rim Rider Davies

Little Joe D'Avignon
Arthur AJ Davis
Bob Suicide Davis
Brandon the Medford Monster Davis
Carroll Crash Davis
Carroll Crash Davis
Carroll Stump Davis
Chandler Hollywood Davis
Daniel Big Will 6 Davis
Ed Elbows Davis
Floyd Dutch Davis
Kent Dizzy Davis
Martin Marty Davis
Maury Mo Davis
Parrel Poko Davis
Tom Tommy Terrific Davis
WR Slick Davis

Gentle George Davis

Radical Russ Davis

Chargin' Charles Davis Jr.
Joe Indiana Whirlwind Dawson
Kenny Price Dawson
Ronald Doc Dawson
Bobby 5x5 Day
Andrea de Crasheris de Cesaris
Meme the Temple Tornado De Santis
Ferris Skipper Dean
James Wild Child Dean
Royce Dizzy Dean
Al the Count DeAngelo
Bob Shadow DeBois
Johnny Never Smile DeCamp
Gary the Ice Man Dechant
Larry the Rattler Dechant
Billy Franklin Flyer Decker
Duane Sneaky Deek Decker
Brian The General Deegan
Dennis Preacher Man Deese
Charlie One Arm DeFrates
Frank Mister Magoo DeFuentes
Dave The Hammer DeGrave
Bill Digga Deguio
Paul aka Billy Spade Deigl
Dan the Sign Man DeLaney
Doug the Griz Delfel

Smokey Joe Delginio
Alan Jim Dandy Dellinger
Matt Matty D Delorenzo
Russ the Temple Terror Delp
Russ the Temple Tornado Delp
Tony Tony Delsey Delsappio
Salvatore Sal Dee Delucia

Broadway Freddy DeName

Smokey Dengler
Benton Goose Denmark
Frank 3D Denning

Boltin Bob Denny
Harold Wildman Denton
Tommy the Toe Denton

Happy Harold DeRosia
Ernie Keokuk Komet Derr
Ernie Old Fox Derr
Emidio Meme DeSantis
Meme Temple Tornado DeSantis
Joseph Jo Jo DeSarbo
Fred Fearless Freddie DeSarro
Tony Buildy DeSeta
John Rajo Jack DeSoto
John Flyin' Hawaiian DeSoto
Clem Desperate Despault
Bob Barn Rat Devaney
Andy Pop DeVercelly

Big Slim Devilbiss
Melvin Belgie DeVilder
James Smokey Devine
George Bucky Dew

Mutt Dexter
Kaylee KK Dickman
Larry Lightning Larry Dickson
Reese Speedy Adams Dickson
Jeff Surfer Diehl
Lyle Pappy Diemer
Darel Yancy Dieringer
Danny Double-D Dietrich
Danny Wild Thing Dietrich
Vern Crazy Cajun Dietz

Junior Dilmore
David Dynamite Dave Dion

Single Eye Dishman
Bill Farmer Brown Dismuke
Dave Big Dave Dissinger
Pedro Pee Wee Distarce
Pee Wee Boo King Distarce
Theron Moose Dixon
Chet the Jet Doaner
Steve Dobie Dobbratz

Darin' Darrel Dockery
Stan the Speedy Plumber Dodd
Ben Barrelin' Ben Dodge
Stan Nine Lives Dodge
Jack Race Track Doering
Bob Berserko Doerrer

One Lap Dolan

Swampy Dolan
Craig The Crowd Pleaser Dollansky

Gentleman Jerry Dolliver
Harry Les Ley Dominick

Irish Joe Donahue

Irish John Donahue

Unholy Joe Donahue
Kyle Wheely Donaldson
Ralph the Flying Duke Donaldson
Rick Captain Thunder Doner

Crazy Ed Doner

Slow Rick Doner

Chargin' Charlie Donk
WC Junie Donleavy
Chris The Professor Donnelly
Chris The Silver Fox Donnelly
Rapid Rick Donnelly
Mark Captain Nice Donohue
Harland Red Dooley
Robert Doorknobs Doornbos
Harold Mick Dornes
Walt Little Dynamo Dornsife
Warren 1 Key Dorr III
Thad Topeka Charger Dosher
Brad Mr. Determination Doty
Chris Moose Douton
Danny Show Douville
George Buster Downing
Harmon Beaver Dragon
Dennis Cat Drain
Lester Red Dralle
Jimmy The Greek Dratis
L. E. Geno Draw
Carl Shorty Drexler
Floyd Pop Dreyer
Danny Tinker bell Drinan
LaVern Red Droste
Dale Hopper Drottz
Doug Catfish Drown
Eldon Travelin' Man Druar
Tom the Travelin' Man Druar
Alphonse the Flying Frenchman DuBois
Maurice Little Moe DuBois

Windy Dubois

Black Jack Dubrul
Roy Ducky Duby
Hank Deadly Dudley
Gordon Cuffy Duell
Harry Boo Duffany
Jack King of Cool Duffy

Dynamite Dugan
Patrick the Lenoir City Madman Duggan
Len Johny Laredo Duncan
Len Pappy Duncan
Ted Splinter Duncan
Merwyn Mert Dunker
Billy Big Gun Dunn
Jim Fireman Dunn

Big Jim Dunn
Frank Stunning Dunning

Handsome Tommy Dupont
Al Big Al Duran
Leon Big Egg Duray
Leon the Black Devil Duray
Mark The Doctor Durgin
Malcolm the D.C. Lip Durham
Dave Double D Durkasz
Dave Dangerous Durphy
Scottie Dog Durrant
Duane Redhead Duvall
Mike Flintstone Flyer Duvall
Buzz Cycle Shack Dwyer
Ron the Limey Dykes
Harold Hot Rod Harry Dzierzynski
Ryan Twinkie Eaden
John Cogo Eads
Nate Milford Missile Eakin
Henry Hinky Eanes
Dale Iron Head Earnhardt
Dale Junior Earnhardt
Dale the Intimidator Earnhardt
Ralph Ironheart Earnhardt
Ralph Mr Dirt Earnhardt
Dale Junebug Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Little E Earnhardt Jr.
Lynwood Sonny Easley
Bill Radar Eastman
Ervine Brother Eastman
Robert Sudsy Eastman
Walter Pepper Eastman
Rex Squeaky Easton
R.G. Shorty Ebert
Gary Hector Eck
Harry Wonder Boy Eckert
Irwin Junior Eckert
Rick Scrub Eckert

Stormin' Norman Eckinger
Al Lawman Eckstrands
Mike the Polar Bear Eddy
Bill Sputnik Edkins
Ed Lushwell Edmunds
Kenny Dirt Edsell
Curtis Iron Head Edwards
Gail Pete Chick Edwards
Gordon Jelly Bean Edwards
James Gentleman Jim Edwards
Jim Porky Edwards
Lee General Edwards

Concrete Carl Edwards

Cousin Carl Edwards
Jimmy Porky Edwards Jr.
Colan The Doctor Edwoods

Uncle Homer Eggleston
Bobby Animal Eichel
Rich The Legend Eichelberger
Lloyd Sprouts Elder
Ray Flying Farmer Elder

Eager Edgar Elder

Suitcase Jake Elder

Tuxedo Toby Elder

Quick Vic Elford
Steve Captain Elias
Steve Sylvester Elias
Norm Crosstown Cowboy Ellifson
Charles Hoss Ellington
Bill Awesome Bill from Dawsonville Elliott
Don Featherfoot Elliott
Gene Stick Elliott
Tommy the Blonde Blizzard Elliott

Million Dollar Bill Elliott
Alton Willard Bummer Ellis
Darrell Shorty Ellis
Elliott Junior Ellis
Harold Lefty Ellis
Jimmy Spin Dizzy Ellis

Terrible Tommy Ellis

Hammerin' Hank Ellsmore
CV Butch Elmes

Bullet Bob Elwell

Lonesome George Ely
George Jerry Jerome Emden
Greg Wood Tick Emerson

Dandy Don Emerson
Dale the Snail Emery
Wayne Bobo the Hobo Emm
Leroy Shorty Emrich
Eddie Cigars Eng

Zeke England
Keith Slika Ennis

Tex Enright
John Spider Ensinger. Jr.
Garner Slim Enterline
Robert Smokey Joe Epley
Jack Racing Auctioneer Epperson
Fritz the Honkey Ton Man Epright
Peter Buzzy Erickson
Richard Rip Erickson
D.R. Dirt Doctor Eriksen
David DR Eriksen

Wimpy Ervin
Ruppert Flipper Erwin

Eyeball Erwin
Doug The Hammer Esh
Jared Rock Esh
Luis Hollywood Espinoza
Louis Rusty Esprunoza
Herbert Tootle Estes

Crash Estes
Roger Mr. Clean Estrin
Roger Ramjet Estrin

Mizzbul Merle Etsby
Irv Golden Boy Ettien
Bill Gypsy Bill Evans
Graylon Spook Evans
Harold Mad Dog Evans
Jackie Miami Hurricane Evans
Lewis Pop Evans
Richie Rapid Roman Evans
Francis Butch Evento

Hollywood Ray Evernham
SJ Super Jet Evonsion

Bullet Bob Ewell
Freddy Batman Eyester
Dan Mad Dog Fabro
Stanley Stub or Stubby Fadden
Linus Liney Faery
Joy The Fair One Fair
Johnny Murph Falconi
Johnny Pic Falconi
Ricky Smokey Fenton Falconi
Floyd Goo Fallen
Fred Fabulous Fred Fame
Joe Geezer Fanelli
Juan Manuel il Maestro Fangio
Flyin Mike Faria
Charles Red Farmer
Moe Man Mountain Farmer
Anthony Homeskillet Farnsworth
Ronnie Rollover Farnsworth
John Seymour the Clown Farone
Tony The Flying Onion Farone

Beatle Farone

JoJo Farone
Jack The Flying Judge Farquar
Joe Flying Italian Fascio
Joe The Flying Dago Fascio

Fuzzy Fassbender
Carl Dynamite Dugan (DD) Faulkenham
Leo Pop Faulkner
Wally Potato Nose Faulkner
Walt Little Dynamo Faulkner
Tanner Foxy Faust

Jungle Larry Faust
Nunzio Woody Febbreillo

Super Joe Fecteau

Torpedo Tom Fecteau
Frank the Shark Federici

Fearless Frank Federici
Tim Timmy J Fedrzejek
Jason Highside Hustler Feger

Lightning Lou Fegers
Art Fireball Fehrman
Paul Big Daddy Feistritzer
Otis Ody Fellows
Bob The Flyin One Felmlee

Electrifying Elvin Felty
Ken Posies Fenical
Ed Hard Luck Fenwick
Andrew Freight Train Ferguson
Rick the Ohio Traveler Ferkel
Rick Zero Hero Ferkel
Jamey Rapid Ferland
Joseph Peppy Fernandez
Enzo Drake Ferrari
Alex A-Train Ferree
Dangerous Dubb Ferrell
Tony Beetle Ferrone

Animal Jim Feurer
Ed Flicker Feuz
Peter Travelin' Man Fiandaca
Sege Super Sege Fidanza
Bobby Goose Fiest
Al Red Carr Fini
Jeffrey Junkman Fink
Mario Moe Fiore
Scotty The Fishman Fischer
Jim Animal Fishback
Jack at the track Fishel
Harlin Cat Fisher
Jamie Hurricane Fisher
Ron Tuna Fisher
Giancarlo Fisi Fisichella
Emerson Emmo Fittipaldi
Dave Duct Tape Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzy Fitzgerald
Keith the Ravenna Rocket Flach
Mark Flack Attack Flach J.R.
John JC Flach Jr.

Tornado Tommy Flannigan
Adrian Flying School Teacher Flath
Bert Ted Jones Fleishman
Chris the Showstopper Fleming
Don the Whitby Flash Fleming
Ed Steady Eddie Flemke
Ed the Boss Flemke
Ed the Eastern Bandit Flemke
Ed the Little Leadfoot Flemke
Bill Flip Flop Flingos
Russ Fireball Flint
Julius Tim Flock
Truman Fontello Fonty Flock

Roarin' Roscoe Floro
Robby Prime Time Flosk
Tim the Wheel Man Floyd
Ken Cannonball Fluery Jr.
Don Fireball Flynn
Carl Foggy Fogarty
Alyssa Speed Queen Fogel
Ralph Red Foley
Gary Junior Folk
Dallas Buddy Folkenroth
Jack Rolling Thunder Follweiler
Pete Tampa Charger Folse
David Deuce Folsom II

Fast Albert Fontanani
Melvin Red Foote

Heavy Foote
Carl Floor Board Forberg
Carl Thin Man Forberg
John Brute Force
Maynard Cyclone Forette
Doug Flash Forgue
Nick Nofri Fornoro
Nick Nokie Fornoro Jr.
Andy Mr. Excitement Forsberg
Fred Blook Forshay
Roy Pappy Forsythe

Blackie Fortune
Chris Topics II Fosberg
George Blook Foshay
Andy Outback Foster
Greg The Gas Man Foster
Howard Gibby Fountain
Horace Horsefly Fowler
Run Sly Fox

Stompin' Stanley Fox
AJ Fancy Pants Foyt
AJ Quattro Foyt IV
AJ Super Tex Foyt Jr.
Dario Rip Rock Franchitti
Dario the Highland Hillbilly Franchitti
Steve Kentucky Colonel Francis
David No Panic Franck
Jerry the Shoestring Traveler Frank
Chub Chubzilla Frank
Dennis Rambo Franklin
Rodney the Virginia Leadfoot Franklin
Sal Mr. Liberty Franzese

Jackhandle Joe Frasson
Harold Pistol Pete Frazee
Claude Cowboy Frazier
Joe Cowboy Frazier

Krazy Kacee Frazier
Ivan Red Frederick
Kyle High Side Hustler Frederick
Karl Good for Another Yellow Fredrickson
Carlton Fabulous Free Bird Freeman
Skip Mr. Twister Freeman
Earl Red French
Frank the Flying Carpet Frey
Gerry Flying Chicken Farmer Frics
Stewart Mr. Freeze Friesen
Elson Tex Frisbie
Vern Flip Fritch
Jose Pampa Bull Froilan Gonzales
Ferdinand Flat Out Frontenac
Dick Frosty Frost
Ned the Burlington Brawler Fry
Ned Flipper Frye
Warren Jeep Frye
Paul Hawk Fugener
Andrew Cokey Fuller
Morrie Fireball Fuller
Walter W. M. Fulmer
Dave Moonie Fulton
Bob Fonz Furano
Olen Wild Man Furbee
Paul Fuzzy Furlong
Ronald Skip Furlow
Harold Fluff Furo
Tetsou aka Georgie Tet Futciami
Bob Allie Gada
Chris Wally Gada
Larry Insta Gada
Norwood Friction Gadzinka
Niles Gas Gage Jr.
Robert Mr. Colorado Gallegos

Gentleman Jim Gallison

Tuna Gallison
C.D. Wrong Way Galloway
Mark Bo Galloway
Dan Desperate Dan Gallulo
George Cinderella Boy Gallup
Floyd Chip Ganassi
Harry Handsome Harry Gant
Harry Mr. September Gant
Harry The Bandit Gant
Ron Gapper Gapski
Wayne Wollongong Whiz Garaner
Benny Skunkie Garcia
Jim Cheech Garde
A.T.G. Goldie Gardner
Damion Demon Gardner
William Speed Gardner
Chester Chet Gardnes

Scary Larry Garland
Don Big Daddy Garlits
Ed Snapper Garrison
Joe Bullet Garsons
Joe Spatzi Garther
Dick the Purple People 8tr Gastineau
Frank Frankenstein Gastineau
Joe Mad Max Gastineau
Ted Bones Gastineau
Whit Gasman Gastineau
Larry Buckwheat Gates

Happy Gath
Dewey Rajo Jack Gatson
Dan Butch Gaudiosi
Dan Little Dan Gaudiosi
Fred Sharkey Gaudiosi
Al Buddha Gaudreau
Harold Whirley Gaulding
Rickie Super Rick Gaunt

D-A Dick Gavrich
Merle Spud Gay
Granville Granny Geake
Max Blue Max Geddes
Robert Bobby Gee Gegetakas

Blackie Gejeian

Red Rocket Gelling
Van The Barber Gemmil
Van the Kirby Man Gemmill
Howard Humble Howard Genrich
David Earl Lewisburg Lightning Gentry
Leon Neon Gentry
Willie Rabbit Geoden
Bobby Flyin Hawaiian George
Rod The Kittanning Comet George
Bob The Snake Georgiades
John Johnny Boy Georgiades
Chris Hot Apple Pie Gerchman
David Little Dave Gerchman Jr.
Bobby Mr. Carb Gerhart
Elmer Doc Gerner
Joe Injun Joe Gerrior
Bill Mr Clean Gerrits
Bernie Sleepy Gerstenkorn
George Big George Gervais
Reno King of the Northeast Kingdom Gervais

Peter Rabbit Gethin
Moe Money Bags Gherzi
Adam A.J. Giacomozzi
Jesse The Bulldog Gianetto
Jimmy Tooth Doc Giardina
Chet Wildcat Gibbons
Ed Slick Gibbons
Olan the Butler Man Gibbons
Robert Pop Gibbons
Joe Coach Gibbs
Casper Cap Gibson
Edgar Hoot Gibson
Jack Gibbee Gibson
Todd Hot Toddy Gibson
Todd the Flintstone Flyer Gibson
T.J. the Jedi Giddings
Adam G-Man Gilbert
Busty Crash Gilbert
Clyde Tiny Gilbert
John Indiana Cowboy Gill
Johnny The Modern Day Cowboy Gill
Chris Spider Gillen

Nitro Nick Gilleris
Don Whiz Kid Gillette
Clay Decepticon Gillilan
Devin Kid Dasco Gilpin
Alex Flying Greek Girgoreas
Ed Dog Gish
Rupert Flipper Given
Curt Metal Man Giventer
Richard Chink Gladfelter
Bobby Firefighter Glass
Bobby The Flying Firefighter Glass
Brian The Boy Toy Gleason
Paul Dodger Glenn
Rod Rapid Rod Glenn
Randy Rocket Glenski
Randy the Kid Glenski
Charlie Chargin' Comet Glotsbach

Chargin' Charlie Glotsbach
Paul Potsy Goacher
Cliff Pappy Goad
Anthony The Go Show Gobert
Kevin G-Man Gobrecht
Marcel Mr. Clean Godard
Ryan Ringoes Rocket Godown
Willie the Rabbit Goeden

Lil Abner Goeke

Fearless Fred Goeske
Harold Brother Goff

Naked Nick Gojmeric
Bill Maverick Golden
Paul Goldy Goldsmith
Leroy Ahab Goldstein
Leroy the Israeli Rocket Goldstein
Froilan the Pampas Bull Gonzales

Tubby Gonzales
Kenny Action Man Goodell
Fred Pop Goodrich
Edmund Peanie Goodwin
Russell Pop Goodwin
Andy Flash Gordon
Bruce Guts Gordon
Floyd Babe Gordon
George Spud Murphy Gordon
Jeff the Rainbow Warrier Gordon
Jeff Wonder Boy Gordon
Paul Ghost Gose
Joe Double O Joe Gosek
Eleanor Dolly Gosper
Philip Buster Goss
Ron Goose Gosse

Terrible Ted Gotelli
George Whitey Gould
Lenny the Jersey Terror Gould
Aymer Sonny Gover
Augustus Cotton Grable
Otto Gray Ghost Graham
Bill Southern Gent Grainger
Edgar Hard Rock Grant
Willis Slick Grant
JJ Jersey Jet Grasso
David Conencticut Yankee Gravel
Shawn Spiderman Gray

Spud Gray
Bill Gramps Greco
William Wild Bill Greco
Bobby Chipmunk Green

Red Green
Charlie The Flying Hebrew Greenberg
Bob Inky Greene
Curt Cowboy Greer
Stan Stash Gregor
Walt Preacher Gresavage

Jungle Jim Gresley
Gary Red Greth
William Bill Mackey Gretsinger
Rusty Festus Flyer Griffaw
Kenny Boof Griffey
Billy the Kid Griffin
Bruce Pee Wee Griffin
Jack PD Jackson Griffin
Richard Gas Man Griffin
Weyman Runt Griffin
Marvin the Martian Griffith Jr.
Justin J-Grim Grim
Norman Grimey Grimm
James Bladerider Grimsey
Hank Grandpa (or Pappy) Gritzbach
Guy Skeeter Grocock
Russell Pappy Gross

Fawn Grove
Lew Guru Gruppo
Ralph Bronko Gudim
Frank On the Gas Guidace

Bondo Bob Guilbault
Tony Topeka Slim Gulotta
Tulio Tiny Gulotta
Donald Pistol Gunn
Ed Fireball Gunter
Paul Peaches Gunther
Chuck Side Bite Gurney

Ski Gurski
Jimmy Jammin' Gustin
Ryan the Reaper Gustin
Harold Slim Gutkechet
Roger Mr. Assassination Guzman
Clarence Little Beard Haan
Justin T-Bone Haers
Billy The Bear Hafemann
Sam Sunnyvale Sam Hafertepe
Charlie Dodge Hagenmeyer
Tommy Beef Hager
Johnny Mayor Haig
Ted Snakebite Hairfield
Mika the Flying Finn Hakkinen
Earl the Pearl Halaquist
William Chick Hale

Slammin' Sammy Hale
Brandon Cornbread Haley
Bruce Red Headed Hurricane Haley
Johnny High Pockets Halford
Dean Goat Hall

Rapid Roy Hall

Reckless Roy Hall
Claude PeeWee Hallet
McClure Mac Halley
Bill Cowboy Halstead
Chester Chet Hamby
Paul Mr. Clean Hamel
William Red Hamersly
Billy Bullet Hamill
Carl Buddy Hamilton
Eric Hurricane Hamilton
Matt The Highside Hustler Hamilton
Peter Pistol Pete Hamilton

Bus Hamire
Denny Ham Air Hamlin
Dale Round Man Hammac
William Al Hammon
Albert Tiny Hammond
Altino Fat Albert Hammond
Don Humpy Hampton
Harold Hard Luck Hanaford
Tony Lightning Handbury
Sam Alhambra Thin Man Hanks
Sam Flyin' Sambo Hanks
Junior Mad Dog Hanley
Randy Hurricane Hannigan
Dick Local Bad Boy Hansen
Dick the Flying Grocery Boy Hansen
Joel Jump Back Hansen
Mel Firecracker Kid Hansen
Craig Crashin' Hanson
Mark Bevis Hanson

Racy Lacey Hanson
Scott Hurricane Hantz
Fred the Flying Dutchman Harbach

Mighty Moe Hardin
Al Buck Harding
Bill Crash Harding
Fred Fearless Fred Harding
George Pop Harding

Red Harding

Cowboy Hardy

Jungle Pam Hardy
Billy the Painter Harkins
Edward Junior Harley
Chuck Call Me Groucho Harmo
Carl Moose Harmon
Gerald Curly Harmon
Robert Uncle Bob Harmon
Fred Fishtail Harper
Shelby The Electrifying Harper
Dick Mr Chevrolet Harrell
Vern Hurricane Harriman

Hurry Up Harriman

Sewerside Harriman
Jesse the Great Harrington
Ralph Hop Harrington
Arthur AJ Harris
Daniel Duncan DD, Rebel, the Flying Fuller Brush Man Harris
Gaither Runt Harris

Bug Harris
Bill Wild Bill Harrison
Vernon Gabby Harrison

Jumpin' Joe Harrison

Tubby Harrison
Bobby Flying Carpet Harrop
Ray Little Professor Harroun
CJ Pappy Hart
Mike Fuzzy Hart

Happy Hart
J.O. Pop Hartman
Larry Butch Hartman
Rob Hoot Hartman
Chris Crazy Hartnell
Earl Zook Harton
Tony Hulk Harton
Marty Old Irish Peddler Harty
Dale Hollywood Hartz
Jay Red Harvey
Vivian Lucky Harvey

Hot Rod Harvey
Larry Bubba Harvey Jr.
Kevin Happy Harvick
Hilton Fats Harvison
Otto King of the Dirt Harwi
Eddie Texas Cyclone Hasha
Herbert Pat Haskard
Byron Speed Haskell
Clarence Speed Haskell
Leon Pocket Rocket Haslam
Raymond Friday Hassler
Ernie Dirty Ernie Hastings

Happy Homer Hastings

Tubby Hatch
Joseph Jake Hatcher
Mike Disgruntled Hathaway
Altino the Worm Hauck
Jac the Wild Child Haudenchild
Sheldon Mild Child Haudenschild
Donald Joe Kelly Haupt
Kenny the Hawk Hawkins
Matt High Side Hawkins

Sad Sam Hawks
Mike Farnham Flyer Hawthorn
Kyle Professor Hayden
Nick Kentucky Kid Hayden
Gerald Flying Chicken Farmer Hayes
Jarrod J-Rod Hayes

Banzai Bill Hayes
Nick the Quick Nick Haygood
Ronald Speedy Hays
George Wayward Hayward
Gary Blazin' Hazen
Paul Pappy Headrick
Pat Hacksaw Heany
Brett the Jet Hearn
Gil Gallopin' Gil Hearne
Allan Seattle Screwball Heath
Allen Knothead Heath
Curtis The Undertaker Heath
Orville Inky Heaton
William Willie Wheelchair Heatwole
Chuck the Cobra Hebing
Kelly L'il Cobra Hebing
Wilber Willie Hecke
Bill Wild Bill Heckert
Jeremie Modzilla Hedrick
Bill Outlaw Heidelberg
Gary Jalopy Jack Heiderich

Quick Nick Heidfeld
Blane The Selinsgrove Sensation Heimbach
Al the A-Train Hejna
Dave Hollywood Helliwell
Bert Kentucky Colonel Hellmueller
Ralph Speedy Helm
Max Sonny Helms
Steve Big Guy Helwig

Fast Fred Hembree

Slammin' Steve Hemingway
Versil Bud Hemphill
Jacob The J-Shot Hendershot
George Sneakers Henderson
Jim Jama Henderson
Todd Handsome Henderson
Blaine Flyin' Turkey Hendrick
Ray Mr. Modified Hendrick
Ray Rapid Ray Hendrick
Wade Flying Farmer Hendrickson

Gentleman Jim Hendrickson
Harold Jim Hendrix
Matthew The Top Dog Henneforth
William the Weiner Hennequin
Richard Rit Hennessey
Bill Super Sub Henney
Donald Dirt Henry
Hank Granvel Henry

Wild Bill Henry
Gene Flying Eyeball Hensen
Johnny Hot Rod Hentges
Cole Kid Ice Hentschel
Jeff The Jeffer Heotzler
Maurice Yellow Phantom Herber
Bob Ace Herbert
Tom The Pink Panther Herbert

Jeep Herbert
Charlie Citrus Herm

Pappy Herman
Bryan Flying Mexican Hernandez
Jesus Chuy Hernandez
Earl Buddy Herndon
John Taco Herrera
Johnny Hollywood Herrera
George Pops Herrington
John Skimp Hersey
Bobby the Dutchman Hersh
Henry Hank Hersh
Darrell Bud Hervey
Don Tupelo Flash Hester
Doug the Young One Heveron
Elwood Doggie Hewitt
George Moose Hewitt
Jack Do It Hewitt

Shrimp Hewitt
John Hot Rod Heydenreich
Jim Gentleman Jim Heywood
Jim Lizard Hibert
Harry Hand Grenade Hibler
Billy Bounty Hunter Hicks
J. the Flying Canuck Hicks
Sandy the Bandit Hicks

Bunky Higbee
Jerry Slate Hill Statesman Higbie
Greg Crunch Higgins
Ian Captain Chaos Higgins
Dennis Dippy Hilbert
Don Shiny Hilbert
Elton Wild Man Hildreth
Lloyd Racin Barber Hildreth
Daryl Hollywood Hilkert
Donnie Zero Hero Hill
Eddie the Thrill Hill
Jackie Flying Finn Hill
Jesse the Thrill Hill
Leo Ace Hill
Andy Iron Man, Oklahoma Andy Hillenburg

Indiana Andy Hillenburg

Racer Bob Hiller
Carl Sparky Hills
Amber Hot Rod Hilton
Fran Gentleman Hilton
James the Mayor Hinchcliffe
Deon Neon Deon Hindi
Tim Monticello Maniac Hindley
Jeff The Jeff-a Hineline
Kevin Hollywood Hiner
Tommy the Flying Farmer Hinnershitz
Jack Flipper Hipper
Bob Herky Hirleman
Takeo Chick Hiroshima
Matt Big Money Hirschman
Matt Mr Smooth Hirschman

Wild Bill Hiscock
Steve Hissy Hislop
Greg the Mover Hixon
Joe Wacky Joe Hlacky
Shane The Real Deal Hmeil
Donald Dutch Hoag
Gene the Racing Marine Hobby
Jean Bebop Hobel
Bobby Hollywood Hockenberry
Robbie Radioactive Hocker
Jesse Rocket Hockett
William Doc Hoctor
Al Bruz Hoddick
Gerald the Racing Reporter Hodges
Harry Handsome Harry Hoff
August Gus Hoffman
Doug Hot Dog Hoffman
Irwin Putty Hoffman
Sam The Flying Cop Hoffman
Bob Lover Boy Hogle
Josh Apollo Rocket Hohenforst
Ray Mild Mannered Ray Hoke
Brent Hurricane Holden
Howard Fuzzy Holden
Jimmy The Jet Holden
Luther Lu Holland
John Big John Hollansworth
Aubrey Po Boy Holley
Joe Little Joe Holley
Whit Smokestack Holley
Ronny Lee Right Foot Hollingsworth
Bill Wild Bill Holmes
Carl Butch Holmes
Ronnie Hot Shoes Holmes
Stacey High Side Flyer Holmes
John Boogeyman Holt
Howard Captain America Holtsman
Clarence Hooker Hood
John Hippo Hopkins
Richard Tex Hopkins
Derek D-Hop Hopkinson
Francis Hoppy Hoppenstedt
Brandon Poppa Hopper
Tom Hulk Horan
Brian Flyin' Brian Horn
Elyard Ted Horn
Forest Sonny Horner
Anthony Bubblegum Horsley
Earl Zook Horton
Jimmy the Price of Admission Horton

Captain Kirk Horton
Rob the Rabbit Hoskins
Chuck Hot Shoe Hossfeld
Roscoe Pappy Hough
Howard How Now Brown Cow How

Gentleman Jim Howard

Super Dave Howarth
Ed Green Hornet Howe
Fereno Spike Howell
Walter Davy Crockett Howell

Raine Howell
C.M. Junior Hower
Charles Chubby Hower

Flyin' Brian Howland
Whitey Flying Dutchman Hoyt
Pete Fast Greek Hronas
Bob Front Row Hubbard

Dynamite Duncan Hubbard
Mike Miami Hudson
Lawrence Hughie Hughes

Haywire Harry Hughes
Mert Socks Hulbert
Nico the Hulk Hulkenberg
Dennis the Bear Hulme
Ron Speedy Hults
Ronnie The Damn Kid Hults
Jerry Springfield Rifle Humiston
David Dirty Dave Hummel
Evard Kerfoot Humphrey
Eric Hotrod Humphries
Ken Bear Hunley
James the Shunt Hunt
Ronnie Satch Hunt
Lynn Rookie Hunter
Kevin Pup Huntley
Jim Herk Hurtubise
Dick Little Hutch Hutcherson
George the Stone Age Man Hutcheson
Ernest Sonny Hutchins
Lloyd LD Hutchins
Charles Dutch Hyatt
Bob Rapid Robert Hynes
Tim Iceman Ice

Eight Lane Wayne Iffland
Jerry Mississippi Flyer Ihm
Steve Ace Ihm
Daijiro Go Go Inada

Slim Ingalls
Russ Wild Child Ingerson
Jack Iron Man Ingram
Jerry Mississippi Flyer Inmon
James Bubba Into
Ernie Swervin' Irvan
Virgil Ernest Ernie Irvan
Ed Irv the Swerve Irvine

Pizza Pie Irving
Gordy the Flying Fossil Isham
Ed the Camfather Iskenderian
Tommy Poison Ivo

TV Tommy Ivo
Paul Jabo Jablonski
Bill Duke Jackson
Bobby Jet X Jackson
Dick Jet Jackson
Joe Jet Jackson
Larry Action Jackson
Kenny Mouse Jacobs
Al Fireman Jacquith
Edward Gene Jakub
Bob Crash James
Paul Taff James
Scott the Silver Shark James
Joe Triple J James Jr.
Tony Flyin' Debris Jankowiak
Tony the Rocket Jankowiak
George the Polish Earthmover Janoski
Jean-Pierre Jumper Jarier
Peggy Sue Freaky Jarred

Gentleman Ned Jarrett
Dwight Teddy Bear Jarvis
Charles Chargin Charlie, Bunny Jarzombek
Michael Jaws Jaworecki
Tim Timmy J Jedrejek
George/Larry the Flying Loggers Jefferson
Rick Chicken Man Jeffries

Wild Bill Jeffries
Clarence Butch Jelley
Wayne Insane Wayne Jelly
Bill Grumpy Jenkins
C. M. Hick Jenkins
Jim Fireball Jenkins
Shannon Iceman Jenkins
Travis Hollywood Jenkins

Toots Jenkins
Jerry Yogi Jensen

Little Joe Jernigan
Roger Super Squirrel Jessel
Jimmy Triple J Jessmer Jr
Matt The Joker Jester
Billy Mr. Entertainment Johanneck
Gordon Gordo Johncock
Nolan Stretch Johncock
Stanley Squirt Johns
Alan AJ Sideways Johnson
Billy the Cat Johnson
Bud Bardahl Man Johnson
Charles Rayme Johnson
Danny Danimal Johnson
Danny Doctor J Johnson
Danny the Doctor Johnson
Don the Beachcomber Johnson
Eben John Boy Johnson
Greg Wild Thing Johnson
Hank Gentleman Hank Johnson
Jack Jumpin' Jack Johnson
Jason Ragin' Cajun Johnson
Julius Slick Johnson
Junior Wilkes County Wildman Johnson
Mike Pinner Johnson
Robert Jocko Johnson
Robert Junior Johnson
Ronnie Chattanooga Flash Johnson
Stanley Pappy Johnson
Warren the Professor Johnson

Big Al Johnson

Junior Johnson

Rocket Ron Johnson
Danny the Intern Johnson Jr
Grady The G-Man Johnston
Jimmy Double J Johnston
Bill Wiggles Johnstone
Kenny Southside Flyer Johynson
Bill Eight Ball Jones
Danny Termite Jones
Earl Parnelli Jones
Eric Easy E Jones
Levi Slide Job Jones
Lewis Possum Jones
Marvin Red Jones
Noel Shorty Jones
Norman Bubby Jones
Paul Pigeon Jones
Phillip Pee Wee Jones
Roy Buckshot Jones
Rufus Parnelli Jones
Stan Pete Purcell Jones
Stanley Squirt Jones
Sterling Junior Jones
Tom Zero Hero Jones
Tony Cowboy Jones
Wallace Georgia Fox Jones

Lucky Jordan
Jim Jorge Jorgenson

Lucky Lew Judson
Bruno Junky Junquera
Dayna The Fury Jury
Bob Fyin' Finn Jusola
Tony the Nose Kaanan
Mary Snooky Kable
Paul Czar Kaczrowski
Brent BK Kaeding
Tim TK Kaeding
Richard Reds Kagle
Connie Bounty Hunter Kalitta
Conrad Connie Kalitta
Tony TK Kanaan
Brent Freight Train Kane
Charles Vicky Kangas
Vic Nipper Kangas
Jeff Happy Kappy Kappesser
Andy Team Greek Karadontes
Dan The Greek Karalagas
George Greek Karalekas
Chris the Chiseler Karamesines
Chris The Greek Karamesines
Oscar Okie Karamnian
Steve Kid Karia
Rich Dick in the Dirt Karinoski
Arnie Boston Strangler Karp
Ignatius Iggy Katona
Keith the Man from Mifflintown Kauffman
Keith the Mifflintown Missile Kauffman
Dean Karnage Kearney
Gerard Bub Kearney
Larry Killer Keaton
Craig Cricket Keel
Frank Tex Keeler
Bill Gray Ghost Keenan
Ed Gray Ghost Keenan
Adam Bomb Kekich
Paul Pusty Kekich
Carl Monk Keller
Al Flyin Irishman Kelley
Barry Machine Gun Kelly
Charlie Machine Gun Kelly
Francis Wild Man Kelly
Tim the Rock Stream Rocket Kelly
Willie Hot Rod Dentist Kelly

Gentleman Joe Kelly
Calvin Mousey Kempster
Gerald Beader Kennedy
Jim Cowboy Kennedy
Joe Poncho Kennedy
Walt Fast Time Kennedy

Cowboy Jim Kennedy
Chuck the Little Gunmaker Kennison

Matt the Brat Kenseth
Arnie Superman Kent
George The Duke of Kent

Wild Jim Kent
Matt Duke Kentfield
Mel Mr. Midget Kenyon
Leonard the Kansas Cyclone Kerbs
William Kerch Kerchner
J T Pap Paw Kerr
Tommy Big Un Kerr
George Shorty Kerschner
Paul Whitey Kerschner
Gary the King Kershaw

Big John Kershaw
Brad Bad Brad Keselowski
Brad BK II Keselowski
Bill Pappy Kessler
Clarence Beef Ketter
Brian The Flying Farmer Kiltheau
Tom the Lion Kimball
Willie Bad News Kimbrough
Dale Foots Kimmons
Guy Kooter Kimpton

Killer Kincaid
Gordon Boo King
Harry Bob smith King
Herman Brownie King
Jerry the Rutland Rocket King
Jimmy El Diablo King
Mike KingFish King
Rex Cooter King Jr.
Sheldon Lil Abner Kinser
Steve King Kinser

Porky Kinsman
CE Tubby Kirchner
Jim Dingo Kirkwood
Miles Red Kirsch
Fran Sparky Kitchen

Sideways Sid Kittleson
Paul the Beamsville Bullet Klager
Russ John Taylor Klar
Richard Kit Klatt
Jerry Red Klaus
Christian the Squirrel Klien
Eric Lone Star Kline
Paul Dude Kline
Edward the Image Klug
Marlin Thunder Klunder
Rick Sleepy Knapp
Gene The Rocketman Knaub

Froggy Kneeland
Paul Fancy Jazz Knierim

Stormy Knight

Honest John Knighton
Simon Bunkie Knudsen
Dave The Oxford Express Kober
Brian Flyin' Brian Kobylarz
George Pop Koch
Austin Kickin Ass Kochenash
Austin Kid Kochenash
Robert Bud Koehler

Smokin' Joe Kohler
Henry Cap Kohlert
Leroy Israeli Rocket Koldstein
Randy King Kong
Derek Colorado Kid Koop
Dan Rebel Kopshe
Dan the Reber Kopshe
Kenny Captain Chaos Koretsky
Todd Mr. Consistent Korish
Randy King Kong Korte
Gary the Woodland Rocket Koster
John Sonny Koszela
Cliff the Copper City Cowboy Kotary
Robbie Rapid Kotary
Tom Tiger Kotary

Terrible Tom Kotary
Earl the Hay Barber from Sadalia Kouba
Joey The Kid Kourafas
Frank Flying Greek Kovas
Ryan Rocket Krachun
John Chrome Dome Kraemer
Duane Dewey Kramer
Ron the Shoefly Flyer Kramer
Dalton Skip Krauslock
Joe Flatfoot Krawiec
Charles Buddy Krebs
Weston Weddy Kreck
Don the Fritztown Flyer Kreitz
Clarence Tiger Krieger
Mike Big Daddy Kristyak
Armin Army Krueger
Zdenek Kermit Kudrna
Ray Jack Cook Kuiken
Stanley Stash Kullman
Alan Miley Mouse Kulwicki
Alan Special K Kulwicki
Alan the Polish Prince Kulwicki
Tommy TK Kunsman
Lee Stubb Kunzman
Chris The Midget Kurtz
Dave Herm Kurtz
Richard Slugger Labbe
Ray the Chopper Labeau
Terry the Ironman Labonte
Terry Iceman Labonte

Texas Terry Labonte
Ted High Plains Drifter Lackey

Bad Brad Lackey
Lee General Lee Ladouceur
Tim Orwell Express LaDuc
J.T. Cat Scratch LaFever
Marcel the Hammer LaFrance
Stephane The Little Hammer LaFrance
Jim Big Sexy Jim Lahey
Harold Hoagy Laity

Blackie LaMacchia
Steve Hot Rod LaMance
Cal Little Sherman Lamb
Richard Big Daddy Lamont
Dennis Gently Giant Lampman
Mike Sweats Lance
Bob Slow B Land
Bobby Scoop Landis
Bobby Wallbanger Landis
Ralph Coney Island Landolft
Gordon Toke Landrum

Dandy Dick Landy
Cal Swivel Lane
Charles Rat Lane

Shep Langdon
Lori the Queen of Speed Langevin
Darrell Bluegrass Bandit Lanigan
Joe Pop Lanzaro
Roland the Racing Grandfather LaPierre
Armand Doc Laplante
Tony Terrible LaPorta
Harold Digger Lappeos
Al Slick Larsen
Jeff Sledge Larsen
John Silk Larsen
Jeff Ball Peen Larsen Jr
Brian Shaggy Larson
Clarence Jud Larson
E.W. Jud Larson
Gerry Flip Larson
Jud Grand Prairie Wild Child Larson
Keith Snakeman Larson
Kenny Cement Head Larson
Kyle King of California Larson
Kyle Pokemon Larson
Kyle Young Money Larson
Kyle Nor-Cal Ninja Larson

Joltin' Jud Larson
John Bull Rider Lashell
Danny Bottom Feeder Lasoki
Danny the Dude Lasoski
Jamie The Jet Lathroum
Rich Quaker Shaker Laubach
Rick Scooby Laubach
Niki King Rat Lauda
Roger Right Turn Laureno
Ronn Buzz Lauritzen
Mike Woodpecker Lauterborn
Harold High, Wide, and Handsome LaVair
O.D. Spud Lavely
Henry the Flying Frenchman LaVictoire
Glen Legs Law
Howard Dirty Duck Law
Bill Leadfoot Lawler
H.D. Howdy Lawson
Chad Bad Chad Layton

Sleepy Layton
Lou Monk Lazzarro
Don Peaches Leach
Chris Spiffy Leaf
Butch the California Flash Leal
Jimmy Real Deal Leal
John JD Leas
Eddie King of Kearney Leavitt
Gardner The Geezer from Kezar Leavitt

Flash Lebello
John Juan Pablo Lebens
James Sapphire Leclair
Jim Twelve Port LeClaire
Claude Iron Man Leclerc
Guy Crazywheels Leclerc

Hunk LeCuier

Gentleman Jack Lecuyer

Spud Lecuyer
Don Gramps Ledingham
Dave Daytona Lee
David Sandy Lee
George General Lee
Matt Bones Lee
Shannon General Lee
Victor Lincoln Leadfoot Lee
Warren Elmer Lee

Smokey Joe Lee
Robert E the General Lee
Harold Wichita Ice Man Leep
Thomas Tiger Tom Leeson
Vern Saturday Night LeFevers
Jason Left Turn Leffler
Ray Legs Legary
Joe Gentleman Joe Lehman
Chuck Satan Leighton
Lars Flying Norwegian Lein
Robert Butch Leitzinger
Jeff the Money Player Leka
Mike Lumpy Lemke
Harold Red Lempelius
Steve Spike Lempelius
Joe Pelican Leonard
Rocco Italian Stallion Leone
Roland the Hawaiian Leong
George Red Lesher
Tommy Lucky Les Lester
Bert Elco Twin Letner
Clarence Clacker Levy
Lionel Porky Levy
Charlie Chalew Lewandowski
Bill Popcorn Lewis
Bill Popcorn Lewis
Billy Chicken Fat Lewis
Ed Corncob Lewis
George Wild Man Lewis
Kyle Lucky Lewis
Powell Lou Parsons Lewis
Rob Agent #88 Lewis
Vic Big Daddy Lewis

Ace Lewis

Mighty Mike Lewis

Jungle Jim/Jungle Man Liberman
Kyle The Hot Lick
Jole Chub Liebe
Mark Lighty Light

Spider Ligon
Ralph Ralphie the Racer Liguori
Judy Miss Mighty Mopar Lilly
Billy Tee Lin
Jim Scruffy Linardi
Duane Abe Lincoln
Andy Arms Linden
Andy Dandy Linden

Asbestos Andy Linden
Gus the Man in Black Linder
Clyde Butch Lindley
Ed Fireball Lindsay
Einair Swede Lindskog
Lavern Bucky Linhart
Anthony the Shark Linkenhofer
Dustin Rooster Linville
Jerry Haircut Lipinksi
Bo Bronco Lisman
Mike Johnstown Coal Miner Little
Harry Showman Livermore Sr.
Jim Captain America Lizotte

Ringy Lloyd
Phil Farmer Phil Lock
James Speedy Lockwood
Morgan Bood Lodge
Joey Sliced Bread Logano
Cosino Coke Lomartire
George Jeep Lombardo
George Lead Leg Lombardo

Red Longmore
Bill Chicken Fat Loomis
Clyde Hap Looney
Fred Elmhurst Express Lorenzen
Fred Fearless Freddy Lorenzen
Fred Golden Boy Lorenzen
Ed Polish Express Losinski

Cowboy Jack Lovering
Bosco Man on the Go Lowe
Mark Sparky Lowe
Henry Hurryin' Hank Lower
John Mr. Excitement Lowrey

Lumpy Lowry

Spider Lubinsky
Frank Pappy Lucas
Fred Lucky Luelling
John Lucky Lukaszewicz
Dewayne Tiny Lund
Harry Pug Lund

Flyin' Ryan Lund
Fred Fast Freddy Lundock
Mark Buff Luney
Dale Lucky Lutz
Ron Bucky Buckholtz Lux
Ron Santa Claus Lynch
Ed the Apollo Rocket Lynch Jr.
Chuck Wolfman Lynn
Eddie Outlaw MacDonald
Steve Barefoot MacDonald

Mad Marion MacDonald
George Doc MacKenzie

Stormin' Norman Mackereth
Don Big Daddy MacLaren
Rob Rocket Macrae
Chris Smokey Madden
Stiles Babe Mader
Kerry The Madman Madsen
Terry the Madman Madsen
Brian Big Daddy Mady
Chauncey Jocko Maggiacomo
Charles Iron Mike Magill
Len Mugs Maguire
Jim Work Shoe Mahaney
Jim Workshoe Mahaney

Magic Mike Mahaney
Chuck Three Wheel Mahoney
Dick Pig Mahoney
Kevin Marbles Mahoney
Tom Kato Maier
Ed Gramps Mailo
Bill Wild Bill Main
Jerry the Bear Makera
Jay Battering Ram Maki

Turbo Tommi Makinen
Mark Captain Sizzle Malcuit
Wilford Wimpy Mallett
A.J. Nokie Mallory
Art Green Kid Malone

Critter Malone
Mike Magic Man Mammara
Leon Cowboy Manchester
Bart Beatnik Bart Manely

Grass Roots Glen Maningo
Kevin Bono Manion
Art the Jolly Tamale Mankel
Dick Bugs Mann
Neil Punky Manor
Nigel il Leone Mansell
Olaf der Kaiser Manthey
Frank Ace Manzo
Jake Jackman Marchesi
Dave Wingtip Wizard Marcis
Chris Cruiser Marck
Robert Banzai Bob Marcum
Jim Babyface Mardis
Ken Mighty Mouse Markwardt
Clifton Coo Coo Marlin
Sterling The Durango Kid Marlin
Mariano Mid Marozzi
Ed the Fugitive Marquez

Baltimore Bones Marriott
Maurice Bineto Marrotti
Jimmy Iceman Mars
George Cork Marshalko

Animal Al Marshall

Slick Nick Marshall

Gentleman Jim Martel

Rocket Rich Martel
Andrew the Li'l Hammer Martell
Nate The Hammer Martell
Andy Gordonsville Flash Martin
Burdett Birdie Martin
Dylan Thrillin Martin
Hal the Ragin' Cajun Martin
Harry Courthouse Martin
Jack Mosquito Martin
Mark Iron Man Martin
Mark the Kid Martin
Mearl Pepper Martin
Ralph Reckless Martin
Ron Flyin' Flatfoot Martin

Chunk Martin

Flying Bryan Martin
Jim Junior Martin III
Danny Hammer Martin Jr.
Joe Tinker Martincic
Daniel the Mad Mexican Martinez
Joe Smokin Martinez
Carl Buddy Martinson
Ron Bethlehem Bombshell Marvin

Trolley Car Marvin
Anthony Bug Marvuglio
Roy Dick Diamond Marwan
Cornelius Bimpy Marx
Marv Mighty Moose Marzofka
Marv Ridgerunner Marzofka
Bobby Racin' Bobby Mason
Dick Racin' Dick Mason
Harry Bud Mason
Eric The Madman Mass

Madman Don Massetto
Phil Penny Pincher Massuch
John Bat Masterson
Stanley Skip Matczak
Gary Gootch Mathieson
John Johnny Mann Matlock
George Buddy Matson
Malcolm Speedy Mattheny
Edwin Banjo Matthews
John Farmer Matthews
Doug the Penn Yan Express Mattison

Silent Dave Mattot
Paul The Banzai Boy Mauceri
Randy Buster Mauer
Rob Bubble Gum Maule
Cecil Junior Maupin
George Stitch Mauriano
Eric Mr. Smooth Mauriello
George Skippy May
Howard Lucky May
Paul Maniac May

Dub May

Jolly Maynard
Al Doc Mayner
Ernie the Wrench Maynor

Big John Mazmanian
Joe Sonny Mazza
John the Blade McAuliffe
Dick the Irish Angel McCabe
Roy Roaring Rebel McCain
Stewart Red McCale
Lenard the Corn Belt Racer McCarl
Terry TMAC McCarl
Dave Big Mac McClelland

Cory Mac McClenathan

Hot Socks McCloskey
Dick Lover Boy McClung
Jerry Termite McClung
Dick Flyin Bricklayer McClure
Joel Flyin' Hawaiian McClure
Roger the Racing Rajah McClusky
Herbert Chicken McCombs
Carl Maverick McConnell
Jim J.B. McConnell
Harry the Silver Fox McCool
Willard Mickey McCormick
Bob Border City Bandit McCoy
Ernie Lover Boy McCoy
Shawn Iron Man McCoy
Bob Barefoot McCreadie
Bob the Master of Going Faster McCreadie
Tim T Mac McCreadie

Topside Timmy McCreadie

Dyna Mike McCreevy
Ed The Ace McCulloch
Jimmy Bulldog McCune

Irish Jim McCune
Jack Ripper McCutcheon
Chad Chado McDaniel
Robert Slash McDaniel
Keith Cam McDermott
Brian Slim McDonald
Matthew Tater Nator McDonald
Stew Barefoot McDonald
William Windy McDonald
Eddie Hot Rod McDonald Sr.

Terrible Tim McDougald
Dale Mac Daddy McDowell
Michael McDizzle McDowell
Tom Mongoose McEwen

Smokin' Joe McEwen
Reginald Speed McFee

Billboard Bill McGaffin
Shawn Sheetz McGarvey
Burrell Fibber McGee
Wayne Country Boy McGee
Glen Pop McGinnis
Albert Bye Bye McGlone
Jack Nitro Man McGrath
James Gentleman Jim McGraw
Ralph Eight Ball McGraw
Mike Dyna-Mite McGreevy

Gentleman Jim McGuirk

Stroker McGurk
Dan Old School McHattie
Guy Mac McHenry
Arin Darin' Arin McIntosh
Arin Mutt McIntosh
Del Giant Killer McIntosh
Bill Unk McKelvey
Don Wimpy McKenney
Carl Cantaloupe McKillup
Carl Brokenstraw Bandit McKinney
Owen OJ McKinney
Alvin Skeeter McKinnon
Greg Fastway McLaughlin
Mike Magic Shoes McLaughlin
Scottie Batman McLeod
Derek Big D McMahon
Paul Quiet Man McMahon
Leon the Bull McMinn
Jamie Joplin Jet McMurray
Rocky Cowboy McNabb
Pat Elvis McNeal
John Jock McNeil
Rodney Hot Rod McNeil

Sudden Sam McQuagg
Dilbert Red McQuire
Josh Bad Fast McQuire
Justin J-Mac McRee
Bob Spud McRoberts
Leland the Tempe Tornado McSpadden
Mike Fat Back McSwain
Charles Oliver Shady McWhorter
Jimmy Smut Means
Rick Oval Meister Mears

Rocket Rick Mears
Travis T-Rad Mease
Jim The Cigar Kid (after his full name) Meeker
Bob Mighty Meese Meese
Mike Dynamite Megee
Dick Magoo Megugorac
Steve Master Blaster Meilleur
Chris Birdman Meleason
Francisco Rebel Mundy Melendez

Long John Meleski
Miles Mouse Melius
Anthony Jap Membrino

Whitey Memmelaar
Basil Jug Menard
Harry Flying Frenchman Menard
Paul King of the Old School Menard
Lawrence Buzz Mendenhall
Frank Frank Mundy Menendez
Gerald Goose Merritt
Rex Luke Warmwater Merritt

Rocket Rich Mersereau
Allen Hi Mesel
Stan the Man Meserve
Eric Mongo Messier

Flathead George Meteychuk
Bob Broadway Metzler
Jim Old Gray Fox Metzler
Billy Waco Willy Meyer
Jason Hot Shoe Meyers

Moose Meyers
Debra Medusa Micelli
Peter Pistol Pete Michael
Sean The Flying Fireman Michael
Gil Skippy Michaels
Rip The Ripper Michaels
Tom Rip Michaels
Sean Flying Fireman Micheal
Hilarian Hurricane Michlig
Art Sonny Michon
Dick the Bird Midgley
Stan Stash Miezejcski
Bruce Captain Miglino
George Pee Pee Miguel
Tye The Kid Mihocko
Benjamin Junior Mikosz

Long John Mileski

Slick Rick Mill
Adam Ace Miller
Blake Bullet Miller
Cliff Squeak Miller
Cope Indian Miller
Darren the Thriller Miller
Donny Golden Jet Miller
Ed Double E Miller
Henry Butch Miller
Holley Bam Bam Miller
Jack Dr. Jack Miller
Jeremy Keystone Kamikaze Miller
Jerry Magee Miller
Kelly Machine Gun Miller
Matt Buckeye Bandit Miller
Travis Rabbit Miller
Walter Ray Miller

Slammin' Sammy Miller

Victory Vic Miller

Waterbed Fred Miller
Winfield Wimpy Millett
Howard Tilt Millican
Greg Baby Huey Mills
Jack Curly Mills
Donna Mae Pink Lady Mims

Radiant Ray Minieri
Earl Lightning Minor

Scooter Minter
Bill the Nose Mishoe

Crazy Eddie Mistretta
Adam Maverick Mitchell
Craig Hollywood Mitchell
Mike Hippie Mitchell
Randall Rags Mitchell
Tammy Blonde Bomber Mitchell

Rapid Roy Mitchell
Al Shorty Mitcheson
Russ Hard Hittin' Mitten

Racin' Ron Mogavero
Dick Old Cement Head Mohlin
Kevin Marbles Mohney

Jammin Johnny Mollick
Rich the Landscaper Mollnow
Dillon the Marvel Moltz
Dylan Thrillin Moltz

Liquid Luke Monroe
Jeff Buck Monson
Hank the Frozen Logger Montandon
Harold Happy Go Lucky Montayne
Kirby the Mountain Man Monteith
Gary Pete Moss Montgomery
Liz Lightning Montgomery
Neil The Chief Montgomery
Ryan Flyin' Montgomery
Tim Fredericktown Flash Montgomery

Ohio George Montgomery
Brian the Edge Montieth
Juan Pablo Monster Montoya
Juan Pablo Monster Montoya
Lew the Flying Farmer Mood

Li'l Brendan Moodie
Wes Slugger Moody
Bob Beau Brummell Moore
Bruce Out of Control Moore
Craig Assassin Moore
Davey The Canadian Blast Moore
George Googie Moore
Harry Pottstown Paratrooper Moore
Jim Lunchmeat Moore
Kenny The Flyin' Milkman Moore
Moose the Desperado Moore
Norman Mose Moore
Paul Lil Bud Moore
Robert Shorty Moore
Ronnie Mirac Moore
Walter Buddy Moore

Daddy-O Morales
Donnie Frazybury Flash Moran
Donnie Million Dollar Man Moran

Skeeter Morehead
Allan Dutch Morehouse
V.D. Speedy Morelock
Bill Spyder Man Morgan
Blair Superman Morgan
Dustin Captain Morgan
Dustin Full Blown Chaos Morgan
Autry Rat Morris
Jim Trapper Morris
Ralph Buckshot Morris
Billy Doc Morrow
Jim Snerd Mortimer
Mike Mighty Mike Mortimer
Jack Giant Killer Moss
Stirling Mossy Moss
Jimmy Mouth of the South Mosteller
Larry The Killer Mott

Gentleman Jim Moughan
Ivan Tinker Moulds
Toney Mr. Excitement Moule
Leslie Rowdy Mowat
Billy Mr. Smooth Moyer
Norm Bald Bandit Moyer
Billy Billy the Kid Moyer Jr.
Billy Kid Smooth Moyer Jr.
Billy Smooth Jr. Moyer Jr.
Allen Lefty Muderbach

Troyer Bob Mueller
Jerry Chief Muenster
Jerry Muns Muenster
David Blingy Muir
Shirley Bounty Huntress Muldowney
Shirley Cha Cha Muldowney

Putt Putt Mulholland
Brian Moon Mullen
Ronnie the Rocket Mullen
Pinky King of the Kids Mullens
George Whip Mulligan
John the Zoo Keeper Mulligan
Andrew Rowdy Mullins
Joe Smoking Mullins
John Crash Mullins
Tim Lightening Mulqueen
Ron Spike Mulson
Frank Rebel Mundy
Gene Flying Farmer Munger
Earl Madman Muntz
Carl Mr. Consistency Murdick
Harold Cyclone Mookey Murdoch
Larry Urkel Murdock
Al Big Al Murie
Jack Irish Jack Murphy
Jack the Wild Irishman Murphy
Mike The Flying School Teacher Murphy
Paula Miss STP Murphy
Peter Playboy Murphy

Spud Murphy
Rob In a Hurry Murray
Vance Junior Murray
Neil Nasty Murray

Cemetery Jim Murrow
Ben Wild Bill Morris Musick
Elmer Ray Rabbit Musick
Leonard Cotton Musick
Charles Red Man Musselman
Warren Pappy Mutter
Tommy T-Money Myer
Bobby Timber Myers
Conan Moose Myers
Danny Chocolate Myers
Jason Hot Foot Myers
Les Reno Rocket Myers
T.E. Pop Myers
Frank the Racing House Mover Myroncuk
Wyle Throttle Popper Nabbefeldt
Jerry Crazy Frenchman Nadeau Sr.
Carl Bubby Nagel
Dennis Iron Duke Nalon
Tony Loner Nancy
Homer Burr Head Nantz
Bob Doc Narber
Ron Top Wop Narducci
Dick Crash Nash
Ernie Casper Nash
Ralph Racin' Nason
Ralph the Sultan of Slaw Nason
Darrel Wedge Nastrom
Mike Iron Mike Nazaruk

Biscuit Neal
Stephen Stormin' Steve Nederostek
Lloyd Rocky Neereamer
Markus Flyin' Fin Neimala
Ron Notso Neis
Walter Doc Nellis
Bill King Kong Nelson
Bill Wild Bill Nelson
Bruce Bubba Nelson
Jim Jazzy Nelson
Norm Great Dane Nelson

Chicker Nelson
Joe Front Row Joe Nemechek
Jerry Sweet Sixteen Nemire
Tom the Bomb Nesbitt
Albert Newkie Newcomb
Will the Thrill Newlin
Ryan Rocketman Newman

Flyin' Ryan Newman
Wilfred Wimpy Nicholls

Dyno Don Nicholson
Carl No Doze Niday
Wayne the Texas Tornado Niedecker
Ed the Flying Farmer Niemi
Bill the Mid Pac Legend Niles
Billy The Sheriff Niles
Ralph Pud Noble
Tommy Mississippi Skeeter Noblin
Tommy Scott County Flash Noblin

Pappy Noe
Ken Monkey Man Nomura
Ron the Flying Hairdesser Normadin
Bruce Stormin' Norman

Stormin' Keith Norman
Glen Pee Wee Northern
Joe Smokey Norton
John Snortin' Norton

Killer Norton

Smokey Joe Norton
Wigi the Rodfather Novelli
Steve Stevie Wonder Nowakowski

Slippery Sam Nunis
Tazio The Flying Mantuan Nuvolari
Nick Young Gun Nye
Hank Happy Hank Nykaza
Dan Dapper Oakes
Bill Two Gun Oakley
Carl Cruisin' Carl Oberg
Charlie Hot Dog Obreiter
Danny Pocket Rocket O'Brien
Zachary Z-Man O'Connell
Len Digger Odell
Ron Snag O'Donnell
Earl Fearless O'Farrell
Ken Hillbilly Ogle
Bern Barney Oldfield
Larry Cajun Oliphant
Tony The Ford Guy Oliveira
Roy Lightning Rod Oliver
Rich Fireball Oller

Cigars Olsen
Jim Buckinghorse Olson
Kevin Clown Prince Olson
Don Bend Your Steel O'Neal
Don Real Deal O'Neal
Danny On the Gas and the Flying Hawaiian Ongais
Gene Oppy Opp
Jan Opp Opperman
Amber Wheelz Oraschin
Mike Fremont Flash Ordway Jr.
Kimo The Flyin' Hawaiian Oreta
Fred Flying Boston Cab Driver Orlando
Fred Meatball Orlando
Cletus Cowboy O'Rourke

Jolton Joe Orso
Bennie the Wizard Osborn
Bus Ossie Osborn
John the Goat Osborn
Myron Bus Osborn
Lee Wizard of Oz Osborne
Mike Yankee Flyer Osbourne

Flyin Brian Osgood

Ozone Oskie
Jacob Shake-Up Ossenfort
Wyman Cookie Osterhout
Aaron AO Ott
Bobby Showtime Ott
Don Bug Ott
John Johnny O. Overgaard
Floyd Butch Overly
Geoff Cob Owen
Bob aka Bob McKenna Owens
Charles Slick Owens
Dick Kirby Owens
Everett Cotton Owens
Jimmy Newport Nightmare, The O-Show Owens
Justin Smoochie Owens
Jim Ace Packard
Steve the Hurricane Paine
Rob Pajamas Pajauis
Ellis the Man in Black Palasini
Clyde the Dapper Villain Palmer

Jolly Ollie Palmer
Tim Throttle Kicker Panghorn
Louie Racin' Florist Panico
Wally Mr. Excitement Pankratz

Mad Max Papis
Paul Pistol Parisi
Michael Beef Park
Bill Bub Parker
Dave Super Dave Parker
Pete Black Baron Parker
Ricky P Parker
Vergil Spider Parker
Leslie Red Parkhurst
Walter Parky Parkhurst
Ralph Junior Parkinson
Silas Si Parlin
Joe Crash Parnell
Sebastian Luper Parno
Victor Quick Vic Parsons

Gentleman Johnnie Parsons
Richard Rit Patchen
Ed Big Ed Patnode
Danica DP Patrick
Danica Pipsqueak Patrick
Danica Princess Patrick
Kyle the Tibury Tornado Patrick
Wally Wild Child Patrick
Bob Coach Patten
Eddie Fast Patterson
Gary Preacher, the Hippie Preacher, Dancing Phantom Patterson
Jeff Gooch Patterson
Wesley Wimpy Patterson
Billy the Kid Pauch
Billy The Kid's Kid Pauch Jr.
Frank the Tank Paul
John Old Pirate Paul
Roger Flying Farmer Paul
Earl The Hurricane Paules
Brian Rusty Pipes Paulus
Tommy Joe Desperado Pauschert
Steve Duffer Pavlicek
John Rocket Man Paxson
Lynn Flaps Paxton
Joey Jersey Jet Payne
David Silver Fox Pearson
Dean Harrisville Hustler Pearson
Gil Jelly Bean Pearson
Earl the Hurricane Pearson Jr.
Sewell Peck Peckham

Nitro Nick Pecko

Flaming Frank Pedregon Sr.
Al Bucky Peek
Dave Zeke Pelczar
Marty the Flying Fuzz Pender
Billy Blindfold Penfield
Morris Red Pennington
Jerry Porky Pennock
Roger the Captain Penske
Adell Thunder Road Penson
Danny Dominator Peoples

Peppy Pepicelli
Frank Witch Doctor Perham

Larrikin Larry Perkins
Chris the Rowley Rocket Perley

Ducky Perlman
Marty Muscles Perovich
Elwin Brick Perrock
Natalie Mean Kitty Perry
Rod the Black Bandit Perry
Fred Jiggs Peters
Kelly the Flying Irishman Peters
Steve Battlewagon Peters
Orie Bud Petersen
Ed Dino Peterson
George Sour Dough Pete Peterson
Jackie Speed Peterson
Orie Bud Peterson
Ronnie Super Swede Peterson
Cavino Kelly Petillo
Wilfred Link Petit

Boots Petsko
Wilfred Link Pettit
Jack the Bearded Wonder from Wichita Petty
Richard the King Petty
John Smokey Pharo
Chad the X Man Phelps
Roger Baldwinsville Bullet Phelps

Rocket Ryan Phelps
John Cubby Phillips
Overton Bunny Phillips
Rodney Hot Rod Phillips

Serious Sam Piazza
Tom Slick Pick Pickerell
Eddie Steady Eddie Pieniezek
Bob The Tall Cool One Pierce
Bobby Smooth Operator Pierce
Ed Peanut Pierce
Shayne The Penetrator Pierce
Adam Bomb Pierson
Harry Hap Pierson
Ed The Old Master Pink
Dave Fireball Pinkerton
Ron Eagle Piovesan

Stub Piper
Larry Peavine Pipes

Tiger Tom Pistone
Alan Spiderman Pitcher
Woody Chitchat Pitkat
Woody Sultan of Stafford Pitkat
Newell Pit Pitkin

Fast Freddie Pitner
William Blackie Pitt
Daryn Oklahoma Outlaw Pittman
K.S. Tiger Pittman
Shelton Runt Pittman
Marshall Shorty Pitzbur
Paul Captain Crunch Pitzer
Antonio Jungle Boy Pizzonia
Dale the Natural Planck
Peter Mr. Packard Plant
Peter P.D. Plant
Hubert Hube Baby Platt
Hulbert Mouth of the South Platt
Joe Canada Joe Plazek
Joe The Canadian Blast Plazek
Stan the Polish Prince Ploski
Stan the Man Ploski
Charles Pee Wee Pobletts

Boots Podged

Firesuit Phil Pofahi
Justin Pogo Pogones
Steve Fireball Poirier
Bert Big Time Poland
Joey aka Joey Polewarczyk Pole
Andrew Bubba Pollard
Kevin Poland Pollard
Paris Buddy Pollard
Frank Frantic Porreca

Horsepower Herb Porter
Nick Tricky Nicky Porto
Serop Setto Postoian
Marlin Potty Potteiger
Bob Pappy Potter
EJ Michigan Madman Potter
Jon T Bucket Potter
Ray Pig Potter
Lauden the Origsburg Orbiter Potts
Al Jack Duncan Powell
Darvis Dee Powell
Tom TP Powell
Leon Sonny Pratt
Mike Wild Child Pratt
Richie Last Lap Pratt
Thomas Moose Praytor
Scott Scottie to Hotty Prentice
Robert Bent Creek Bandit Pressley

Rapid Ray Preston
Abbey The Abbinator Price
Don Juan Price
Thomas Cotton Priddey
Don Don Juan Prince
David The Bull Priolo
Marshall Shorty Pritzbur
Lance the Rug Doctor Proctor
Florian Goofy Profitt

Tinker Progin
Oren Roarin Oren Prosser Jr.
Alain Professor Prost

Steady Tony Provencher
Harry The Head Provost
Don the Snake Prudhomme
Tommy Rain Maker Pryce
Larry LJ Pryor
Carl Red Pugh
Charlie Chief Puleo
Henry Hoppin' Harry Pullen
Henry Sugar Bear Pullen

Sneaky Purcell
Andrew Honey Purick
Al Shark Purkey
Ralph Lucky Purnell
Carl Smokey Purser
Bill Put-Put Puterbaugh

Dangerous Dana Putnam
Otis Leadfoot Quackenbush
Vince Flying Frenchman Quenneville
Vince VQ2 Quenneville
Matt the Mighty Quinn Quinn
Willard Duane Quinn
Mike The Cop Quintiliano
Bill Captain Crunch Quintrall
Ralph Mr. Lucky Raastad
Moran Flyin' Frenchman Rabideau
Moran Sonny Rabideau
Keith Porky Rachwitz

Wild Bill Rader
Paul Ferrum Flash Radford
Paul Wrong Way Radici
Richard Cannonball Radke

Wild Man Andy Rae
Mike Sparky Raeburn
Billy Lap and a Half Rafter

Sputter Ragans

Fast Freddie Rahmer
Lloyd Curly Rahn
Ryan The Big Dog Raidline
Kimi Iceman Raikkonen
Kimi Kimster Raikkonen
Dick the Flying Cop Raiza
Joe Smokin' Joe Ramaker

Pineapple Ramos
Brian Rambo Ramsey
Dwight Doc Rand
Bill Thin Man Randall
Leland Bud Randall
Walter Tex Randall
Warren High Spark Randlett
Billy Fast Rask
Michael the Keystone Kid Raskovic
Eldon Hinton Hornet Rasmussen
Jim Baldy Rathmann
Justin Rattler Ratliff
Ken Monk Rauch
Jake The Snake Raudabaugh
Dave the Big Show Rauscher
Emerson Crocky Rawding
Roger Whitey Raymond
Maurice Spider Razon
Ron California Cowboy Rea
Ron Rapid Rea
Tracy Socks Readinger
Sam Screamin' Sammy Reakes IV
Robert Bullet Bob Ream Jr.
Doug the Untouchable Recues
Bernard Skee Redican
Scott Chico Redner
Bob the Hope Hot Shot Reed
Dale I Drive Anything Reed
Harry Haulin' Harry Reed
John Big John Reed
Loren Dutch Reed
Norris Speedy Reed
Junior Wildman of Englewood Speedway Reeder
George Country Boy Reeves
Tom Blue Knight Reffner
Tom Tombo Reffner
Roger The Bear Regeth

Flash Gordon Reid

Blackie Reider
William Red Reigel
Troy the Iron Champion Reiger

Speed Reilly
Johnny Caledonia Clipper Reimer

Pop Reither
Henry Frenchie Renard
James JT Renau
Bob Poncho Rendon
Royce Dizzy Dean Renfro
Marlin Red, the Woodburn Express Renner

Quick Nick Rescino
Wilbur Slick Resse
Hal Pizza King Rettberg
Carlos el Lole Reutemann
Bob Bullet Bob Reuther
David the Franchise Reutimann
David Beak Reutimann
Emil Buzzie Reutimann
Wayne Pookie Reutimann Jr.

Wild Bill Revard

Champagne Peter Revson
Bob Bear Reynolds
Jeff Rocketman Reynolds
Lee Red Dog Reynolds
Peter Crackers Reynolds
Stephen The Big Dog Reynolds

Cool Cal Reynolds
Cal Cowboy Reynolds
Jon Driver X Reynolds Jr.
Mark Cub Rezin
John Weasel Rhoades
Scotty Show Time Rhoades
Jeff Lil Smokie Rice
Larry Rice a Roni Rice
Wilson Digger Rice

Skippy Rice

Punch Richard
Josh Kid Rocket Richards
Ernest Buzzy Richardson
Jeff the Professor Richardson
Ken Sir Harold Richardson
Paul Barney Richardson
Paul Ricochet Richardson
Jerry Golden Gopher Richert Sr.
Tim Hollywood Richmond
Les Coach Richter
Tommy Two Lap Ricker
Zack Shotime Riddle
Woodrow Pig Ridings
Oscar Cannonball Ridlon
Elmer Bud Rieber
Scott Chico Riedner
Chris Weasel Riendeau
Jim JJ Riggins
Lonnie Tugboat Riggs

Yankee Bill Riggs
Bob Rip Riley
Jim Ping Pong Rinnier
Alan Tall One Ritchell
Ed Big Ed Ritchie
Don Cottonhead Rittman
Jackie Cigar Ritts
Roger Cowboy Rivers
Anthony the Canadian Blizzard Rizzardo
Bill Wild Bill Roberts
Everett Foxy Roberts
Glen Fireball Roberts
Joey Fireball Roberts
John Fireball Roberts
Sherman Speed Roberts
Jerry the King Robertson
Odie the Mouth Robertson
Guy Shorty Robinson
Keith Flash Robinson
Lew Sneaky Pete Robinson
Ross The Boss Robinson

Yip Robinson
Doug Old Fox Robson
Johnny Eagle Eye Rocco
Keith Kid Rock Rocco
Keith Superman Rocco
Paul Sandy Rochelle
Clarence Cornfield Rock
N.G. the Rock Rockwell
Charles Chuck Rodeo Rodeghier
Henry Trigger Rodgers
Gary G-Rod Rodriguez
Dave Big Daddy Roe
Tommy the Tire Roe
Gene Pedro Roehl
Albert Ouch Roenigk

Starvin Marvin Roettering
Carl Cowboy Rogers
Chuck Uncle Buck Rogers
Ernest Little Goat Rogers
Hank Bucky Rogers
Jim the Slide Job Rogers
Jim Bob The Fugitive Rogers
Wilford Goat Rogers
Walter Human Computer Rohri
Lloyd Shorty Rollins
Pascal Patsy Romano
Larry Poo Rommelhart
Manny Chango Rosales
John Little John Rosati
Bud Butch Rose
J E Ebb Rose
Newton Buzz/Sweet Pea Rose
Dom the Iceman Roselli
Curtis Cyclone Ross
Davey the Flying Farmer Ross
Joe Fat Boy Ross
Robert Slim Ross

Flyin' Brian Ross
Valentino the Doctor Rossi
Jim Rocky Rothwell
Jack Cat in the Hat Roush
Art Uncle Boo Boo Rousseau
Charlie Tuna Roussel
Doug Rex Royal
Dennis the Menace Rubino
Lloyd Hard Luck Ruby
Lloyd Ol’ Rube Ruby
Ricky Ironman Rudd
Ricky Rooster Rudd
Dick Mister Buttons Ruff
John Reggie Ruggiero
Joe Jammin Joey Ruggles Jr.
Paul Boots Ruhland
Oscar El Vampiro Ruiz
Linsey The Rocket Rummel
Ricky the Racer Runnion
Norman Stormin' Norman Rush
Bob Rabbit Rushing
John Rebel Rushlaw
Joe Rubber Man Russo
Jerry the King Ruth
Marion Babe Ruth
Johnny Lone Star JR Rutherford

Slim Rutherford
Troy Ontario Flash Ruttman
Troy Pride of the Bobby Sox Ruttman
Troy the California Kid Ruttman
Hal Farmer Boy Ruyle
Jimmy Flyin' Brian Ryan
Keith Buck Ryan
Tom Gigs Ryan
Stefan Bear Rzesnowiecky
Johnny the Jet Saathoff
Fred the Haulin' Hippie Sabatino
Ed Clown Prince Sachs
Eddie Caped Crusader Sachs
Greg Superman Sachs
Elliott Candyman Sadler
Wes One Armed Bandit Saegesser
Aubrey Tiny Sailing
Victor Vic Sala
Harry Teabag Salada
Joey the Brownsburg Bullet Saldana

Lil Joe Saldana
Joe Smokey Joe Saldo
Anthony Gilly Salerno
Mike Sudden Salm

Honest Nate Salter
Frank Scrappy Saluzzi
Peter All American Boy Salvatore
Cletuis Chief Samqua
Bernard Tex Samuelson
Mike Mighty Mouse San Felice
Ron Roadster San Giovanni
Dave Super Dave Sanborn
Michael Suitcase Sanchelli
Al Suicide Sanders
Frank Red Sanders
Paul Jake Sanders
Ronnie Papa Sanders
Sonny Sizzler Sanders
Chad Bad Sandt

Sandy Sanford
Tony the Sausage King Santangelo
Bob Bullet Bob Santos
Bobby Frito Bandito Santos

Bobby New England Santos
Nick Nitro Sapp
Jim Fireball Sarasnick
Kenneth Buzz Sassaman
Bryan Socko Saulpaugh
Charlie Chubby Savage
David Swede Savage
Jimmy Junkman Savage
Bob The Silver Bullet Savoie
Bud Bunny Sawyer
Everett Sissy Britches Saylor
Paul Dangerous Scally
Howie Scooter Scannell
Don the Brandon Bandit Scarborough
John The Jet Scarborough
Norm Fat Rabbit Scarborough
Jimmy Hard Luck Scearce
Ed Dutch Schaefer
Jim L.I. Mod Maniac Schaeffer

Cool Kevin Schaeffer
Tim Steel City Outlaw Schaffer

Happy Harry Schaffer
Robert Hoop Schaible
Harold Bus Schaller
Tony the Flying Brakeshoe Schanzel
Eddy Fast Eddy Schartman
Gene Shatty Schattschneider
Donny the Minot Missile Schatz
Charlie Chargin' Charlie Scheaffer
Jody Fletcher Scheckter
Bob Heavy Scherer
Earl Bud Schilling
Bill Wild Bill Schindler

Bronco Bill Schindler
Ernest Crocky Wright Schlausky
Dan Wisconsin Wildman Schlieper
Tony the Sarge Schmacher
Gus Heavy Hauler Schmidt
Dell Smitty Schmitt
Chuck Bunny Schneider
Frankie the Old Master Schneider

Racin' Jason Schneider
George Suicide Schnyer
Stan the Man Schoenberg
Allen Schootch Schoonmaker
Scooch Old Folks Schoonmaker
Luke Leadfoot Schostkiewitz
Lucas Cool Hand Luke Schott
Kenny Bicycle Schrader

Gloomy Gus Schrader
Bob Crooks Schultz
Zach Attack Schultz

Chargin' Charlie Schultz
Gene Gentleman Gene Schulz
Clyde Smilin Schumacher
Michael the Cobbler Schumacher
Ralf Half Schumacher
Tony Sarge Schumacher
Don Duck Schuppel
Bruce Spider Schwartz
Danny Big Dog Schwartz
Ronnie Soupy Sales Schwendenmann
Robert Carpet Head Schwerdt
Danny Raw Dirty Scott
David Slowride Scott
John Haulin' Hollywood Scott
Kenny Caveman Scott
Phil Sailing Senator Scott
Tom Fast Hair Scott

Fifi Scott
Bill Wild Bill Scrivener

Red Seaburg
Walt Sonny Seagrave
Sonney the Mayor of Vernon Center Seamon

Gentleman Jack Sears

Lightning Lloyd Seay
Sid Moline Mad Man Seely
Jim Slippery Seidel

Little Joe Seigfried
Roy Porky Seitzinger
Leon Slick Nick Sells
Wayne Bromo Selser
Bob Sneaker Senneker
Bob the Bluebird Senneker
Mike Little Mike Serkoman
Mike the Johnstown Coal Miner Serockman
Allen Sammy Sessions
Sammy Little Tiger Sessions
Joe Gentleman Joe Severage
Howie Superman Sewell
Scott Superman Sexton
Louie Boston Seymour
Norman Chub Shadle
F.N. Doc Shaeffer
Al Golden Boy Shafer
Don Golden Boy Shafer
Phil Red Shafer
Harry Happy Shaffer
Tim the Steel City Outlaw Shaffer
Todd Mr. Excitement Shaffer
Shirley Drag-on Lady Shahan
Jim the Pine Shampine
Harvey Slugger Shane
Buford Doc Shanebrook
Dewey King Shank
Bill the Shark Sharkey
Jack Lobo Sharpe
Gene Mister I'll Race Anything Sharpensteen
John Shag Sharrigan
Mardouni Mudd Sharrigian
Steve Clean Shaver
Steve Show Time Shaver
Graham Tombstone Shaw
Justin Rowdy Cupcake Shaw
Marvin Spud Shaw

Darling Don Shaw
Hugh Hugo Shea
Mike Irish Mike Sheehan
Harry Two Wheeler Sheeler
Anthony Goober Sheidel
Guy Hollywood Sheldon
Blake Sideways Shepard
Ericka the Dzus Queen Shepard
Jeff Jet Shepard
Al Gadget Sheppard
Edward Boss Sheppard
Matt Super Matt Sheppard

Sportsman Stu Sheppard
Danny Showtime Sheridan

Rocket Ron Sheridan
Jeremy Shermanator Sherman
Jeremy The Shermanator Sherman
Danny the Kid Shetler
Johnny aka Jack Price Shillington
Brian Squirrel Shirley
Dean Whiskers Shirley

Bad Eye Shirley
Kenny Big Shoe Shoemaker
Kenny Super Shoe Shoemaker
Jim Fireball Shores
Jim Shiny Shores
Norman Stormin' Short
Harry Bim Shortway

Wild Bill Shrewsberry
Jerry Gator Shriner
Gordon Flyin Cornhusker Shuck
Dave Shoe 2 Shullick Jr
Billy Bronco Shuman
Casey Lil Shu Shuman
Lewis Buddy Shuman
Ron the Flying Shoe Shuman

Mighty Casey Shuman

Bronco Billy Shumar
David Hippy Sibold
Eldon Sy Sidebotham
Eleanor Ma Sidebotham
Jason Double Down Sides

Fat Man Sieffert
Bret the Jet Sievert
Jo Seppi Siffert

Slammin' Scott Sigman
Jimmy Buckwheat Sills
Manuel Pops Silva
Ollie Quick Silva
Robbie Young Wheel Silver
Jim Pepe Silvia
Ken Kid Silvia
Charles Buck Simmons
Jake the Snake Simmons
Tony the Tiger Simon
Allen the Animal Simoneau
JB Skeets Simonson
Dick Suitcase Simpson
Mark the Mocker Simpson
Jack Speedy Sims
Roy Pop Singleton
Elwin Wimpy Sipple
Leon Duray Jigger Sirois
Tony Sizzle Siscone
Don Aussie Skene
Chris the Golden Greek Skias
Frank Kid Slabenak

Concrete John Slagle
Bill the Connecticut Valley Rocket Slater
Bob Slats Slater
William Wild Bill Slater

Dusty Slater
Keith Whitey Slavin
Bill Cannon Ball Slawson
Bob Tucker Sleeper
Carroll Iron Hat Sleeper
George the Easton Express Sleight
Courtney C Dawg Slighton
Joe Smokey Slocum

Smokey Joe Slocum

Wiz Slocum
Lewis Chip Slocum III
Brian Clobbering Slover
Van Doc Smalley
Aquilla Quill Smashely
Dan The Ramey Rocket Smeal
Marion Laughing Boy Smiley
Jet Car Bob Smith
Andy Slammin' Smith
Billy The Kid Smith
Clint Cat Daddy Smith
Craig Cowboy Smith
D. William Speedy Bill Smith
Dan Big Brother Smith
Darrell Mr. Bad Wrench Smith
Darrell Mr. Figure 8 Smith
Dave Hot Rod Smith
Delbert Iceman Smith
Dylan Osceola Rocket Smith
Ebenezer Slick Smith
Freddie Fossil Smith
Freddy Ageless Smith
Freddy Southern Gentleman Smith
George Swede Smith
J.J. Mighty Mouse Smith
James Chick Smith
Jerry JJ Smith
Jerry Medina Smith
Jerry Wildman Smith
Jim Big Country Smith
Jimmy Pops Smith
JJ Tweety Bird Smith
Johnny Crash Wall Smith
Mark Tower City Tornado Smith
Mason Two-Holer Smith
Michael King of Trona Smith
Mitch Linglestown Leadfoot Smith
Mitch The Flying Tiger Smith
Noah Tiny Smith
Norman Wizard Smith
Ree Smitty Smith
Richard Mitch Smith
Roger Smokey Smith
Russ the Reading Rocket Smith
Shannon The Dirt Diva Smith
Steve Black Bandit Smith
Tom Thunder Smith
Tommy the Kid Smith
Walter Dewey Dub Smith
Wayne Mr. Mysterious Smith

Gig Smith

Hot Rod Dave Smith

Snuffy Smith

Spinner Smith
Bobby Smokey Smolinski
Jim Smoker Smolinski
Arthur Smiley Smullen
Gordon Squeaky Snead
Tom Tuna Snead
Larry Smokey Joe Snellbaker
Devin Snelly Snellenberger
Rodney Hot Rod Snellenberger
Tom the Gas Man Sneva
Geoge Ziggy Snider
George Porky Snider
Gene the Snow Man Snow
Les Tiger Snow

Nitro Gene Snow
Bill Florida Hurricane Snowden
Bill Wild Bill Snowden
Elmer Unsprung Snyder
Paul the Wellsville Wonder Snyder

Termite Snyder
Jesse Crazy Sobbing
Denny The Patriotic Polak Sobkowiak
Goeber Wild Injun Soebee
Peter Hollywood Solberg
Larry Grub Solbo
Timmy the Natural Solomito
Aaron Snagglepuss Solsrud
Cecil Sad Sam Sommers
Harold Old Master Sonneberg
Mark Mr. Wyoming Sopr

Rosey Joe Sostilio
Alfred Pee Wee Southcott
Mike Santa Sowle
Ronnie Mr. Four Speed Sox
Billy Captain Billy Spade
Tony Italian Stallion Spano
Eldon Smitty Sparks
Harold Sparky Sparks
Mike Opie Spatola
Art The Chico Flash Spaulding
Don Tex Spazano
Bennie The Drifter Speicer
Earl Little Joe Spellburg
Grover GC Spencer
Jimmy Mr. Excitement Spencer
Kyle Montgomery Missile Spencer
Larry Rowdy Spencer
Mike Slick Spencer
Roger Roger Rabbit Spencer
Pat Cadillac Sperling
Billy Billy McGee Spinks

Racin Ralphie Spithaler
Jack Big Track Sprague

Flash Gordon Sprague
Charles Bud Squire
Charley Tuna Squires
Dave Boss Hogg St. Clair
Francis Buzzie Stack
Les Half Throttle Stadel
Jon Silent Gasser Stanbrough

Rollover Rick Standridge
Roy Babe Stanyer
David Bear Staples
Charles Chuck Stapleton
Elbert Babe Stapp
Steve Bopper Stapp
Billy Bad Boy Starks
Kevin Cowboy Starland
Pete Pit Crew Starrett
Dick Iron Duke Stebbins
Fred Pop Stebbins
Matt Mitto Steele
Tim Man of Steel Steele
Billy The Dean Steen
Elden Curly Steerman
Wes Fairbury Flyer Steidinger

Babe Stein
Ed Twenty Grand Steinbock
Tony the Hit Man Steiner

Uncle Don Steiner
Brian Cowboy Steinman
Ron Spot Ste-Marie
Jeremy Twitch Stenberg
Leonard Gig Stephens

Tojo Stephens
Harlan Bud Sterrett
Carl Bugs Stevens
Donald Hammerin' Hank Stevens
Donald Hank Stevens
Harry Bones Stevens
Howard Stubby Stevens
Jeff Outlaw Stevens
Kenny Super Sub Stevens
William Wild Bill Stevens
George Leon Duray Stewart
Jackie Flying Scot Stewart
Jackie Wee Scot Stewart
Rick Iceman Stewart
Tony Smoke Stewart
Tony the Rushville Rocket Stewart

Tony the Tiger Stewart
J.L. Junior Stillwell
Charles Chick Stockwell
Lennie the Tiger Stockwell
Lennie Tiger Stockwell
Wally the Honolulu Hurricane Stokes
Dan Big Brother Stone
Gardner The General Stone
Ray Boulder Stone
Gene Stoney Stonecipher
Alan Dutch Stoneking
Duane Stoney Stoneking
Michael Kid Lightning Storms
Forrest Speed Storts
Jerry Smokey Stover
Lee Smokey Stover
Eddie The Edge Strada
John Johnny Mann Strahmann
Bob Mighty Mouse Strauss
Wayman Hut Stricklin
Pete The Gentleman Stringer

Bullet Bill Strosahl
Jeff Nine Time Strunk

Professor Glenn Strunk
Tony Tiger Strupp
A. J. Shorty Stuart
Ivan Iron Man Stuart
Hartwell Stubby Stubblefield
Hans-Joachim Striezel Stuck

Wild Willy Stutzman
Glenn Ohsweken Flyer Styres
Steve Beazer Suchy
Tom Suitcase Sucliffe
Tommy Blakcumi Suell
D.E. Gene Suggs
Johnny Arkansas Traveler Suggs
Tim Big Daddy Sullivan
George Tucker Summers
B.D. Grandpa Super

Big John Surtees
Kelly Girl Sutton

Crazy George Swansborough
Bob Blue Panther Swanson
Wayne Swiffer Swanson
Brian Shredder Swarthout
Charlie Chargin' Charlie Swartz
Bob Flip Sweeney
Chris Weeney Sweeney
Mike Hot Foot Sweeney
Randall Lumberjack Sweeney

Rockin' Randall Sweeney
Bill Norwalk Nightrider Sweet
Dick Sweet Pea Sweet
George Chops Sweeting
Bob Hayward Flash Sweikert
Nolan Ten Pins Swift
Nolan the Swift One Swift

Slammin' Sammy Swindel
Kevin Bulldog Swindell
Sam Swingin' Swindell
Melvin Puddin Swisher
Tony the Tiger Sylvester
Paul Cowboy Szmal
Carl Leadfoot Taber
Tom Tiger Tommy Taber
Terry Bear Tabor
Charlie Flying Scot Taggart
Sam Sam Tag Tagliarini
Nobuhiro Monster Tajima
Lowell Bus Talbert
Palmer Tiger Tamburro
Craig Tank Tankersley
Sammy the Flying Flea Tanner
Robert Buz Tapply
Al the Mad Hungarian Tasnady
John Monk Tate
Brooke Awesome Aussie Tatnell
Maurice Bud Tatro
Alice Granny Tatroe
Bob Two Gun Tattersall

Honest John Tatum

T Texas Tatum
Benny Wahoo Taylor
Bill Sleepy Taylor
Bruce Gomer Taylor
Buddy Wild Child Taylor
C.L. Pop Taylor
Darrell Zoom-Zoom Taylor
Kurt Red Man Taylor

Junie Taylor
Marshall King of the Beach Teague
Kevin Irish Tearney
Ryan Flyin' Tedesco
Dan One Man Band Tedrick
Fritz Flying Dutchman Tegtmeier
Clark Shorty Templeman
Dave Yankee Boy Terrell
Denny Teddy Bear Teschke
Tom Terror Tesoriero

Tub Tessean
Robert Bullet Bob Tester
George the Flying Florist Tet

Lucky Teter

Terrible Ted Tetzlaff
Bayard Dave Randolph Tewksbury

Tom Terrific Texeira
Ash Flipper Tharrett

Ash Tharrett

Dyno Dick Therrein
Andrew Cheesehead Thiessen
Bill Wide Turn Willie Tholander
Mike Rollin' Tholin
Frank Corky Thomas
Jabe Clown Prince Thomas
Jason JT$ Thomas
Jeff Spider Thomas
Jeff Wildman Thomas
Jimmy Pup Thomas
Jordon Little Spider Thomas
Jordon Tarantula Thomas
Kenny Krazy Thomas
Mark Coach T Thomas

Junkyard Jim Thomas
Crockett the Rocket Thomason
Jack Perk Brown Thommason
Alfred Speedy Thompson
Art Baby Face Thompson
David Yogi Thompson
Dean Deano Thompson
Dean King Kong Thompson
Jack Red Thompson
Johnny Flying Scotsman Thompson
Kenny the King Thompson
Len Lightning Len Thompson
Malcolm Johnny Thompson
Marian Lee Mickey Thompson
Terry Crazy Thompson
Johnny the Flying Scot Thomson
Bill Thunder Thorton
Hank Peanut Thurman
Hank the Outlaw Thurman
Charlie Sugarfoot Thurston
George Crash Tidd
Ryan Flyin' Tidman
Tim Red Tiggs
Tom the Kentucky Colonel Tiller
Wiley Coyote Timbrook
Jake The Snake Timm
Randy Boo Tiner
Homer HW Tittle
Ken Tweetie Bird Tlougan
Dick Toby Tobias
Lawrence Toby Tobias
Jamie the Jet Tomaino
Tommy the Terror Tombarello
Neil Terrible Tooley
Diego Dee Toran

Dirty Dan Torgerson

Gentleman Bob Torkey
John Hurricane Torrese
Leslie Apple Core Torsey
Tom Thunderhead Toutz
Edison Bub Townley
Jerry the Catskill Comet Townley
Gardner Pappy Townsend
Bob Zippy Trace
Paul the Wall Tracy
Paul Thrill from West Hill Tracy
Merle Rabbit Trahern
Mike Miracle Trapp
Floyd Zeke Trask

Navy Davy Traumiller

Cool Richie Travers
Jim Salty Travis
Tom Slow Poke Travis
Roger the Flying Florist Treichler

Marvelous Merv Treichler
Michael The Buzz Tremblay
Ken Special K Tremont
Kenny Sand Lake Slingshot Tremont
Hurricane Heidi Tresler
Dick the White Knight Trickle
Maurice le Petoulet Trintignant
Ron Sleepy Tripp
Paul Tremaine Trowbridge
Joe Pops Trudeau
Martin Clam Prince Truex Jr
Alan Roy Big Al Tschider
Warren Tut Tuchton
James Tank Tucker

Gentleman Bryant Tucker
Julius Tuck Tuckhardt
Roy Goob Tuller
Reino the Flying Finn Tulonen
Charlie Pops Turbush
Chris Cranberry Kid Turbush
Curtis Blond Blizzard Turner
Curtis Pig Iron Turner
Curtis Pops Turner
Don the Flying Milkman Turner
Don Thunder Turner
Jack Cactus Jack Turner
Gary Deuce Turrill
Tony Skip Turyonas

Marvelous Moe Tweedie
Moe Tweetie Bird Tweetie
John Big John Tyczki
Kent Speedo Tyler
Roy The Flying Indian Tyner
Norman Stormin' Norman Tyte

Dixie Ulbricht
Ronnie Goose Undella
Louie King of the Mountain Unser
Alfred Mini Al Unser III
Al Flying Flea Unser Jr.
Alfred Little Al Unser Jr.
William Dub Utsman
Bill Flying Blacksmith Utz

Tiger Nick Valenta
Larry Villian Valeriano
Robert Bobby Vee Valincourt
Bill Little Bill Van Allen
Jim Veek van der Veek
Marty Big Marty Van Druten
Carl Fuzzy van Horn
Billy the Blast Van Inwegen
Jarred JLV Van Laanen
Pete Scooter Van Noordt
Mark Rodeo Man van Ocken
Woody the Flying Dutchman Van Order

Might Mike van Sant
Jerry J-van van Sickel

Stretch Van Steenberg
Jeep Spiderman van Wormer
Jake Mad Dog Vanada
Ron the Flying Dutchman VanBriggle
Zachary Mountaineer Kid Vance

Dizzy Vance
Al Flying Dutchman VanderWonde
Billy Billy the Blast VanInwegen
Billy Billy V VanInwegen

Akron Arlen Vanke
Richie The Flying Dutchman VanOrden
Billy the Kid VanPelt
Mike Mighty Mike VanSant
Jerry J Van Vansickle
Jim Captain Vantastic Vanvalkenburg
Billy The Gimp Vaughn
Rick Wild Thing Vaughn
Bob Traction Veith
Anthony the Godfather Venditti
Joey Jet Ventrillo
John Peepers Verger
Jerry Johnny Mercury Verissimo
Steve Silverado Bullet Vernara
Louie Dago Vetrone
Adolf Chick Viets

Roll over Rollie Vilardre
Giles Air Canada Villeneuve
Harold Popeye Vincent
Pridmore Priddy Vinmont
George George Rice Viola
John Johnny Rice Viola
Art Bud Visconti

the Kookie Cookie Visconti
Paul One Leg Vlasblom
Duane Blowby Vobach
Carl Whitey Voelker
Rich Mad Dog Vogler

Rapid Rich Vogler
Louis Red Vogt
Ernst Titch von Delius
Walt the Count von Tillius
Wolfgang Taffy von Trips
Jack The Big Banana Voorhis
Larry the Sun Tan Sulton Voss
Bill Silent Serb Vukovich
Bill the Mad Russian and the Fresno Flash Vukovich
Bill Vukie Vukovich
Eli Banana King Vukovich
Bill BV3 Vukovich III
Bill Billy the Kid Vukovich Jr.
Shayla The Princess Waddell
Gerald Curly Wadsworth
Fred Pop Wagner
Ken Wagtimes Wagner
Shawn Lunchbox Wagner
Don the Dumb Kid Waite
Marlin Shoes Walbeck
Robert Handlebar Walden
Joe Q Ball Wale
Robert Paddlefoot Wales

Long Gone John Wales
Lloyd Flyin Swede Walinder
Charles Pappy Walker
Jimmy Kid Walker
Tyler King of California Walker
Tyler T-Dub Walker
Tyler the California Kid Walker
Ed Gunner Walkush
Chris Intimidator Wall
James Skip Wall
James Skip Wall
Jared Wally Wall
Kenny Herman the German, the Hermanator Wallace
Kenny the Quiet One Wallace
Russell Rusty Wallace
Rusty Rubberhead Wallace
Shawna Spaz Wallace

Pee Wee Wallace
Jon Ahab the Arab Wallace
Darrell Bubba Wallace Jr.
Craig Pepe Wallis
Fred Butch Walsh
Steve the Kiwi Kid Walsh
Guy Crash Walter
Mike Hurricane Walter
Douglas Ray Curley Walters
H.H. Nook Walters
Herb Cheque Casher Walters
Howard Pappy Walters
Jeff Ragin' Cajun Walters

Stompin' Tom Walters

Happy Dan Walters
David Salt Walther
Darrell DW Waltrip
Darrell Jaws Waltrip
George Gentleman George Wambold
Tiffany Nitro Queen Wambold
Hugh Sparky Wambolt
Calvin C-Wan Wan
Ken Chip Wanamaker
Stan Mr. Stomp and Steer Wanner
Bobby the Arkansas Traveler Ward
Jim Deacon Ward
L.H. Les Ward
Maurice Moe Ward
Nelson Nellie Ward
Roger Old Smoothie Ward

Mean Dean Ward
Alfred Peanuts Wardell
Granville Buster Warke
Doug Mr. Kleen Warnes
Francis Dutch Warrington
Derek del Boy Warwick
Tommy Slamming Washburn
Morrie Jiggs Waters
Danny Golden Tone Watson
Dick Silver Fox Watson
George Shorty Watson
Jim Wildman Watson
Jo Jo Jumpin' Watson
John Wattie Watson
John Buzzard Watson
Joseph Jo Jo Watson
Ralph Trigger Watson
Steve Biggie Watt
William Blackie Watt
Nick Slick Nick Wean
Bob Mr. Invitational Wearing Sr

Lil Joe Weatherly
Bobby The Freebird Weaver
Brian Dream Weaver
Kevin Flatland Flash Weaver
Randy Dream Weaver
Wally the Racin' Postman Weaver
Shawn Big Block Weaver
Marion Bubba Webb
Poot The One Armed Bandit Webb
Steven Fearless Four Webb
Travis Spider Webb
Marion Bubba Webb
Harvey Hard Ass Harvey Webb Sr.
Tommy the Smurf Rocket Weder Jr.
Danny Danny Freeman Weeks
Mason Rocky Wehrs
Danny Hot Dog Weiner
Scott Stomp and Steer Weir
Ricky the Rocket Weiss
Dave Unkie Welch
Jerry Butch Weld
Taylor Pappy Weld

Difficult Dan Weldon

Difficult Dan Weldon
Josh The Wild Child Weller
Austin Tex West Weltzer
Bill the Beak Wentz
Billy The Beak Jr. Wentz
Steven Bear Wentz
Tommy The Fox Wenzel
George Judd Werner
Jack Mr. 5 and 50 Werst
Adam Batman West
Billy Highgear West
Eddie the Golden Bear West
Randy Wild, Wild West
Tex Ironhead West
Ollie Beatnik Westcott
Quentin Duke Westerhaus
Rodney Cockroach Weston
Frank Rollover Westover
Vern Heine Westphalen
Loren Kookie Wetsel
Louis Curly Wetteroth
Bob Bullet Weuve
Kevin Bullscrick Bullet Weyandt
Bob Muss Weyant
Hugh Tiny Weyer

Slash Wharton
Bobby aka Bobby Lane Wheeler
Howard Humpy Wheeler
George Sonny Whelen IV
George G5 Whelen V
Galen Doc Whetstone
Alan Little Whip Whipple Jr.
Randy the Whiz Whisler
Billy Kid Whitaker
Bob Batman Whitaker
Robert Legs Whitcomb
Anthony Dirty White Boy White
Billy Hollywood White
Brian Flyin White
Eddie Fast White
Elijah Tiger White
Jimmy Kid White
John Pop White
Todd Rooster White
Johnny the Flying Farmer Whitehead
Mark The Magic Man Whitener
Craig the Hook Whitmayer
Howard Buck Whitmer
Elvis Pinky Whitney
Henry Shorty Whitney
John Outlaw Whitthan

Spooky Whittle
Jack Wild Child Whynot
Charles Rebel Wickersham
Tommy Quickem' Wickham

Dink Widenhouse
Charlie Flyin' Plumber Wieman
Leon the Cowboy Wieske
Charlie Negro Speed King Wiggins

Wee Charlie Wiggins

Lightning Larry Wight
Glen Zook Wignall
Eric Whiz Kid Wikins
Steve Lion King Wilber
Edward Bus Wilbert
Harold Pappy Wilcox
Howard Howdy Wilcox
Francis Bubby Wilder
Wayne Muffy Wildermuth
Harold Wild Willie Wildhaber
Warren Red Wiley
Warren Jelly Wilhelm

Butch Wilkerson
Ted Gooney Bird Wilkins
W.A. Winkie Wilkins
Barrie Whizzo Williams
Blake Bilko Williams
Bob Tiger Williams
Dave Lowbuck Williams
Eric Turkey Williams
Frank Rocky Williams
Ken Hollywood Williams
Maurice Waco Williams
Neal The Wheel Williams

Big Boy Williams

Buck Williams

Rip Williams

Tiger Bob Williams
Charlie Flip Top Williamson
Clarence Speedy Williamson
Kramer the Pink Panther Williamson
Thomas Reds Williamson
Harold Shug Willingham
Randy Tall Texan Willingham
Ed Mr. Ed Wills
Steve Pinball Wilmot
Cliff Rollover Wilsey
Charles Red Wilson
Chester Chet Wilson
Compton Comp Wilson
Duane Curly Wilson
Ennis Diz Wilson
Fritz The Grand Old Man of Racing Wilson
Greg the Wild Man Wilson
Jackie Whistlin' Wilson
Jarrod J-Rock Wilson
John Mouse Wilson
Mike Bird Wilson
Rick Joyceville Jet Wilson
Ryan Maytown Missile Wilson
Scott Wolfman Wilson

Sparky Wilson

Spunk Wilson
Bill the Flying Dairy Farmer Wimble
Owen Goin Wimble
Walt the Bangor Brain Wimer
Randy Timex Wimert

Rhinestone Randy Wimert
Johnny Shotgun Winchester
Chris Bear Windom
Lynn Red Wines
Frank Nipper Winewski

Bud Winfield

Bullet Bob Winfrey
Joachim Smokin' Joe Winkelhock
Billy Blond Blizzard Winn
James Billy Winn
Bob Bow Tie Bob Wisenmeyer
Myles Racing Professor Witchey
George Speedy Witzman
Mike the Maumee Hauler Witzman
Elliott Big Ell Wohl
Tim Cowboy Wolffrum
Doug the South Dakota Wolf Wolfgang
Doug Wolfie Wolfgang
Robbie Little Wolf Wolfgang
Jim Pappy Wollman
Dick Iron man Wolstenhulme
Jeremy Mr. Excitement Wonderling
B.C. Butch Wood
Billy Chargin' Wood
Danny Front Clip Wood
G.E. Woody Wood
Gordie the Dude Wood
Gordie the Screamin' Six Wood
Ken Red Wood
Lennie the Unbeatable Wood
Robert Pappy Wood

Flip Flop Wood

Woody Woodchuck
Eugene Woody Woodford
Loyed Woody Woodland
Lloyd Red Woodman
Jim Woody Woodrow
Merritt Pappy Woods
Benton Buzz Woodward
Cliff Woody Woodward
Ira Red Woodward
Arthur Hacksaw Woodworth
Bill Hacksaw Woodworth

Big Bill Woolard
Paul Butterball Wooldridge
Don Foot Woosley
Donald Satch Worley
Glen Squirly Worley
Terry Wildman Worley
Norman Stormin Norman Wrenn
Dan Pink Panther Wright
David Jody Wright
Enoch Eenie Wright
Ernest Crocky Wright
Gary the Texan Wright
John Sheriff Wright
Tom Thunderin' Tom Wunder
Miles Scary Fast Wyatt
Bruce the Moose Yackey
Steve the Mad Coal Miner Yanigan
Lee Krazie Yarborough
Don Cement Head Yates
Christopher JJ Yeley
JJ Johnny Three Wheel Yeley

Cactus Jack Yeley
Frank Skeets Yentorno
Johnny Peppers Yereger
Ricky The Law Yetter
Ardell Yum-Yum Young
Niki the Indian Outlaw Young
Stewart Bummy Young

King Karl Young
Phil Bumper Jack Youngs
Lounge Deputy Dog Yount
Randy Yount Too Yount
Henry Smokey Yunick
John Peanuts Yustince
Len Zabby Zaborowski

Flyin' Dick Zaido
Mike Beamsville Breadman Zajac
Wally the Human Cyclone Zale
Jeff Jet Zarella
Carl Crazy Zaretzke
Bill Daring Zaring
Gene Pork Zartman
Brock The Brockbuster Zearfoss

Lightning Leon Zeitner
Johnny The Flying Mailman Zell
Ed Zip Zeller
Raymond Quack Zellers
Jessica Pumpkin Zemken
Emanuel the Golden Greek Zervakis
Rodney Boots Zetwick
Austen Flying Peanut Ziacik
John The Night Stalker Ziegler

Skip Ziegler
Billy Barefoot Ziemann
Jared The Juice Zimbardi
Jerry Zimmy Zimmer
Dennis the Menace Zimmerman
Edward Zoom-Zoom Zimmerman
Greg Zippy Zipadelli

Here’s our list so far. Got any more? Please drop us a line so we can keep it going.

Email Lew at lewboyd@coastal181.com


© 2007-13 Lew Boyd, Coastal 181

We Have a Winner for the 3500th Nickname - Fred Klunk Again! 
Since the 2,000th nickname submission, Fred Klunk still lives in Carlisle, PA, eight miles from his home track of Williams Grove Speedway. He has two daughters around the age when he first started attending the races. Not one to just think about racing nicknames, his daughters, Caroline (Goose) and Lydia (Tookins), both have nicknames of their own. Though he doesn’t attend as many races as he used to, he enjoys a couple of shows a month for the racing season, which around home runs from February through November.

Fred has been to 94 tracks in 26 states through 2012 (half of his tracks coming in Pennsylvania). His goal is to get to at least one new track each year and eventually see a race in all 50 states. Another trip out West for the summer of 2013 may knock off a couple more states from his hit-list. He’s viewed 70+ year-olds race as well as a 12-year-old in a full-size car in Alabama.

For the past 21 years he has been a videographer for Lynn Schaeffer Productions and the Thunder in the PA Mountains video. He stays as current on racing as he can and enjoys the history of auto racing, where several publications from Coastal 181 have come in handy. Maybe someday his daughters will circle this country’s race tracks. They’re getting a little used to the races and racecars.
Here are Fred’s daughters, Caroline (on the left) and Lydia, next to
“Double D” or the “Wild Thing” Danny Dietrich’s sprinter.

We Have a Winner for the 3000th Nickname!
Dennis Elliott of Hoyt, KS, submitted a list of names that topped the 3000 mark. Here’s what Dennis tells us about his racing background:

I was almost born at a race track. My father started racing four years before I was born. My father was Don Elliott, who was a competitor from the late forties through the mid-seventies. He drove anything that had four wheels that was raced on an oval. At times he was considered one of the drivers from our area to beat.

The race tracks around eastern Kansas were my playgrounds and a stack of tires was sometimes a crib. I’ve seen cars from Track Roadsters to current Stock Cars and never missed a year of being at the track as a spectator, worker or competitor. I’ve traveled throughout the Midwest to see our family compete. Even during my military time I would find a racing event to attend. Once it is in your blood, it is there to stay. My own racing was not on the oval but drag racing. I still follow some of the local dirt track racing.

Racing and career choices were along the same lines. I have always been in the mechanical field one way or another, from copier repairman, to metal shear and press brake builder to industrial maintenance mechanic. I am currently semi-retired, doing odd jobs, gardening and home repairs.
Then and Now.
Left, my father, Don Elliott, driving a Plymouth-powered roadster and myself in 1956. Right, myself with my drag car and my classic street car, both Plymouths.

We Have a Winner for the 2500th Nickname!
There’s a winner for the 2500th nickname!

He’s familiar here at Coastal 181 – and he snuck up from deep in the pack. Ever since Coastal 181 began a decade ago, Ed Duncan has been a key collaborator. A member of the Selection Committee of the New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame, he sure knows his roundy-rounds.

Ed did much of the primary research on both HOT CARS COOL DRIVERS and PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK, two of Coastal’s most popular books. Then three years ago he jokingly presented us with a list of 50 racing nicknames. This became the basis of what is now thought to be the one of world’s biggest collection of racing handles.

Relying on his deep racing experience, Ed knew just how to play the race to 2500 and the $100 winner’s purse. He compiled a second list of 50 new entries, waited patiently, and then fired it in at just the right time.

Good show, Ed. And THANKS!
Ed Duncan looking businesslike aboard the Granite State Big Car driven
 in the Northeast just post-war by NEAR Hall of Famer, Art Rousseau.
(Photo by car owner, Pete Von Sneidern)

We Have a Winner for the 2000th Nickname!

Fred Klunk lives in Carlisle, PA, eight miles from his home track of Williams Grove Speedway. His first race was at the same track around 1982. Bobby “Scruffy” Allen took the win by a few feet after running out of fuel on the last lap while having a half lap lead. He was hooked ever since. Now 34, he has attended the races since he was about seven.

His dad sold French fries at Lincoln and Susquehanna PA Speedways when he was a kid, hustling through the crowd to earn a nickel a cup. Fred’s grandfather owned the Quaker Pretzel business and his fries were well renowned at the track, with some patrons rather waiting in line to buy fries than watching the feature event. Fred’s dad is the one who took him to that first Williams Grove race, and the exciting finish, as well as the smell of the track’s fries, ordered many return trips.

Fred has been to 75 tracks in 14 states through 2009. His goal is to get to at least one new track each year and eventually see a race in all 50 states. Though with two girls (ages seven and three with nicknames of their own), the number of races attended per year has dropped considerably from his high of 96 shows in the early 90s. Living in the hotbed of Central PA sprint car racing, there’s typically a show around the area four nights a week. His favorite show is a regular 410 and 358 sprint show at the Grove. Travels have included a dozen years to the Knoxville Nationals, following Ohio Sprint Speedweek a couple of years, and a trip to Arizona in 2007 to fortunately catch a WoO Sprint show at Manzanita.

For the past 18 years he has been a videographer for Lynn Schaeffer Productions and had written an online column (“Talk from the Top Row”) on sprint car racing. He reads up on racing when he can, including several publications from Coastal 181. Reading and writing on racing has helped him with knowing the driver nicknames, and there are plenty of good ones for his local sprint car drivers, including the “Edge”, the “Hammer”, “Mr. Excitement” and one of his old favorites, the “Shoefly Flyer.” This is the second racing-related contest that Fred has won, earlier being selected as having the best fan photo submission for the Area Auto Racing News.
(Photo Below)

Here, Fred quickly picked up his daughter Caroline at home
to come see the “King’s” sprinter at the car wash.

We Have a Winner for the 1500th Nickname!

Jerry Donahue in Huntersville, NC, is a dedicated Coastal 181 reader and he’s a great guy.

Jerry has been around racing forever. Summers during high school in the sixties were spent working for Bob Bahre, spiffing up the newly purchased Oxford Plains Speedway. Calling himself modestly “an ambitious race fan,” Jerry was all over the sport, working for years with topnotch Downeast frontrunners such as Homer Drew and Willie Elliott.

More significantly, however, Jerry mentored his son Patrick, who became a nationally ranked kart racer. After karting, Patrick went to work for Steve Leavitt and then for Hendrick Motorsports. He subsequently became a Rainbow Warrior for Ray Evernham and now crew-chiefs for Eddie Sharp’s operation.

Jerry himself moved south a decade ago. He’s busy during the week as an air compressor specialist, and he has spent many a weekend as fuel man for NASCAR teams. He knows his stuff, including nicknames!

We Have a Winner for the 1000th Nickname!

Greg Birosh, an upstate New York announcer and racing radio personality, has won our contest by submitting the 1000th racing nickname. Greg co-hosts a radio show “Chasing Racing” (Tuesdays 6-7pm from April to October, on 95.9FM in Dundee, NY) with former modified racer and current sprint car enthusiast, 'The Penn Yan Express' Doug Mattison.

Greg Birosh (with microphone) - Doug Elkins Photo

We’re really pleased to hear that Greg is following his family tradition.  His dad John had a great career in modifieds and sprinters.  Greg is just getting ready to launch his own sportsman, and we wish him luck.  Check out what he emailed us on being notified of being our winner.

Thank you very much! Really, it was just my luck that I was able to make my contribution when so many others did the work to get it so close to 1000. I have always liked racing nicknames and I do whatever I can to keep them going. Some of the ones on the list I can actually take credit for creating as an announcer in the Finger Lakes area of New York.

I was born into racing as the son of dirt modified and sprint car driver and builder, John Birosh. Dad also spent three years as a Busch Series crew chief, but retired from racing after the 1998 season. He now spends his days building hot rods in his shop in Penn Yan, NY and spending summer weekends going to cruise-ins and shows. He wasn't really the mayor of Seneca Falls, NY, my hometown, but Canandaigua announcer Gary Montgomery, who was from Rochester, said that the town was so small that Dad must be the only one that lived there, therefore he had to be the mayor. From then on it stuck, and I've had a fascination with nicknames ever since. Dad's influence got me interested in racing, and Gary, along with Joe Marotta, got me interested in announcing. When I was a kid and Mom and I would sit in the stands and watch, I always had a knack for knowing all the details about everyone on the track, from their number, name, hometown, type of car, and so on. I would try to emulate the track announcer and do my own version of the race call from our seats and either amaze the people sitting around us, or drive them crazy, I'm not sure which.

I live in Horseheads, NY now, where I work for a mechanical contractor, but I'm just as involved in dirt racing now as I was when I was a kid. Currently, I am the co-announcer at the Black Rock Speedway in Dundee, where I have been since 2006, as well as 2004. In 2007, I fulfilled my dream to announce at Canandaigua Speedway. And earlier this year, I was asked by my co-announcer, Rich Vleck, to be part of the Hot Wings TV broadcast team, where I serve as the pit reporter. Hot Wings TV is a one-hour show that broadcasts tape-delayed sprint car racing and airs on Time Warner Cable SportsNet in all of New York State, except NYC. I am having a great time as a member of the media, but the plan for now is to take a break from that and get back to doing some racing of my own.

Since DIRTcar Northeast has instituted the GM crate engine into the sportsman modified division, it has opened the door for me to go racing in a full-size car for the first time in my 31 years. I raced go-karts from '91 to '94, and then off and on in '97 and '98, picking up a few wins and the '93 NYS Indoor Championship. In 2005 I tried my hand at a 270 micro sprint with little success, mostly because I couldn't fund or maintain the car properly, as I was graduating from college (decided to go later than most) and just starting out in my new career. Now everything is in place with the sportsman car that Dad and I built together. With any luck, we'll be able to make a couple of the year-end specials and get tuned up for a full assault in 2009. All I need now is my own nickname!

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