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The Don Edmunds Story

Danny McKeever and the Mind Game of Going Fast

Kar-Kraft: Race Cars, Prototypes and Muscle Cars of Ford’s Specialty Vehicle Activity Program


- A Collection of my Favorite Racing Photos

 The First Lady of Motorsports

- Henry Ford, George Selden, and the Race to Invent the Auto Age

Penske’s Maestro:
Karl Kainhofer and the History of Penske Racing

America’s Racing Trinity

The Cars of
Harley Earl

The Best of
Gerald Hodges

The Art of Race Car Design

The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am, Quarter-Mile, NASCAR, Bonneville and More

- Speed Merchant

Shelby Cobra:
The Snake That

Conquered  the World

Ford Total Performance:
Ford's Legendary High-Performance
Street and Race Cars

Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans

Techniques and the Stories Behind the Art

Auto Racing, I Gave You
the Best Years of My Life

The Story of America’s

Most Unusual
Oil Company


A History of Auto Racing
in New England

Follmer: American
Wheel Man

As a matter of fact, I am

Swamp Yankee:
The Racing Life  of

Jim Jorgensen

 Carroll Shelby: The Authorized Biography

Miller’s Time
- A Lifetime at Speed

Stuntman!: My Car-Crashing, Plane-Jumping, Bone-Breaking, Death-Defying Hollywood Life

McQueen's Machines:
The Cars and Bikes

of a Hollywood Icon

Mark Donohue:
His Life in Photographs

Phil Hill: A Driving Life

To Indy and Beyond –
The Life of  Racing

Legend Jack Zink

SHELBY: The Man.
The Cars. The Legend

 – Six Decades of Racers. Rascals, and Rods

 - 60 Years of Precious Memories

The Man Who Would
Not Die:
The Remarkable Story of
“Lucky” Herschel McKee

Mickey Thompson:
The Fast Life and Tragic
Death of a Racing Legend

The Unfair Advantage

Ab & Marvin Jenkins:
The Studebaker Connection and the Mormon Meteors

Let ‘Em All Go!
Chris Economaki

Earl Baltes
Eldora Speedway

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Price: $32.00

The Don Edmunds Story

by Paul Weisel Jr.

Rookie of the Year at Indianapolis in 1957 and well known as the designer and builder of 100s of iconic sports cars, circle track and Indy entries, Don Edmunds’ fascinating story goes back to his own days racing roadsters, jalopies and Midgets, and forward to his restoration of important race cars, building impressive scale models, a South African Supermodified junket, involvement with the Evel Knievel Sky Cycle, and more.

Soft cover, 182 pp., 200+ photos.

Price: $34.95

Danny McKeever and the Mind Game of Going Fast

by Tom Madigan with Andrew Layton

Drive into the life of Danny McKeever, one
of America’s top driving instructors for over 40 years and the chief instructor for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix at Long Beach from 1985 to 2016.

Packed with pro driving tips, tongue-in-cheek humor, and inside stories featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

(A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Page Jones Foundation for brain injury research.)

Hard cover, 172 pp., 100+ photos.

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Price: $39.95

Kar-Kraft: Race Cars, Prototypes and Muscle Cars of Ford’s Specialty Vehicle Activity Program

by Charlie Henry

The story of Kar-Kraft began, as did many others in the automotive industry, with an axe to grind. In 1963, Ford was seriously interested in purchasing Ferrari. Ferrari was a legendary brand with considerable success in racing, and Ford saw the acquisition as a great way to be instantly successful in the racing arena. When Enzo Ferrari realized that Ford would not give him complete control of the racing program, he backed out of the deal late in the process. Ford had spent millions in vetting and audits, which then set in motion a vengeful response against Ferrari. The result was the unthinkable: Ford beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

Kar-Kraft’s story doesn’t begin and end with the GT 40 that took the win away from Ferrari at Le Mans. Ford ex­panded upon the program and organized an all-out assault on racing in general. Cars were prepared for Trans-Am, NASCAR, NHRA, and Can-Am competition. Street versions of the Boss 429 were assembled under its roof. And fabled prototypes including the LID Mustang, Boss 302 Maverick, and Mach 2C were all assembled in Ford’s contracted race shop. And then, out of the blue, its doors closed for good on a cold day in 1970. Author Charlie Henry (a former Kar-Kraft employee) has enlisted the help of many of his former co-workers to bring you the very first book ever published on Ford’s all-encompassing special projects facility, Kar-Kraft.

Hard cover, 192 pages, 332 color and B&W photos.


Price: $29.95

WHERE THE WRITER MEETS THE ROAD: A Collection of Articles, Broadcast Intros, and Profiles

by Sam Posey

For more than 40 years, racing fans all over the world have followed Sam Posey's unique career as a driver, writer, and broadcaster. Posey wrote his first article for Road & Track in 1968, the same year he drove a Chevrolet Camaro for Roger Penske's team in the Trans-Am series. In the 1970s he not only won at Sebring and finished on the podium at Le Mans, but also published a highly regarded autobiography, The Mudge Pond Express.

Posey retired from driving in 1982, but in the years since then his public profile has grown through his articles for Road & Track, Sports Illustrated, and other publications, as well as his work as a television commentator. In Where the Writer Meets the Road, Posey has selected the best of his work in both fields. The result is a remarkably varied mix of short and long pieces on subjects ranging from racing in the rain at Le Mans to test-driving the propeller-driven Wind Wagon created by his uncle Teddy in the 1920s. There are also examples of the shorter broadcast introductions he produced for Formula One grands prix at Spa and Monaco, and even non-automotive events like the Iditarod sled race.

No matter what the venue or circumstances, Posey's writing captures the excitement of racing as well as an insider's understanding of how the sport really works, both on and off the track. It also reflects his innate curiosity and enthusiasm for a wide range of non-automotive interests such as painting, art, design and architecture.

Hard cover, 208 pages, B&W & color photos.

Price: $34.95

- A Collection of my Favorite Racing Photos

by Art Evans with Carroll Shelby

Art Evans was a sports car racer in the 1950s on the West Coast who raced against, and became close friends with, Carroll Shelby. Their intense competition on the track became a lifelong friendship off the track. He and Shelby collaborated on many business projects over the years, including books, marketing projects, projects for the Shelby Foundation, and so on. In his later years, Shelby loved the books about his cars and similar topics, but his eyesight was failing to the point where he had difficulty reading, and really preferred the books that were heavy with photos.

It was from that realization that Shelby and Evans decided to work on one last book together. They both combed through the Shelby archives and selected Shel­by’s favorite images from his racing career. That is almost the entirety of this book. It is packed with photos selected by Shelby himself, and the captions are quotes from Shelby’s commentary on the action in the photo, as well as his memories.

Unfortunately, Carroll Shelby passed away before the book was fully completed, but Evans, following Shelby’s instructions, carried this final project through to completion.

Filled with images that have never been seen in print, as well as images not published since the 1950s and 1960s, this final work from Shelby is a personally curated collection by the legend himself.

Hard cover, 256 pages, 296 color and B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

- The First Lady of Motorsports

by Linda Vaughn with Rob Kinnan

Perhaps the most photographed personality in automotive and motorsports history, Linda Vaughn has entertained fans and has been a premier marketer of automotive goods for more than 55 years.

From her first days as Miss Atlanta Raceway, coming of age while representing Hurst, through her annual appearances at America’s top automotive and racing events, Linda continues to engage fans, drawing long lines whenever she makes an appearance. At her peak, Linda attended more than 100 events annually, year after year, and she still attends more than 25 events each year.

For the first time ever, Linda Vaughn allows her fans a behind-the-scenes look at her career in motorsports and promotion through her personal photographic archive and other photos. Through captions, Linda tells the story of individual images from her amazing memory, with no detail left unshared. She recounts events with racing personal­ities and automotive icons from George Hurst to Richard Petty to Mario Andretti to Don Garlits. Nobody is left out as Linda tells stories about the photos chronicling her career in motorsports.

Linda Vaughn: The First Lady of Motorsports is the most comprehensive gathering of photos ever assembled on Linda Vaughn. Through her 50-plus years in motorsports, Linda has lived it all, been everywhere, and met everyone.

Hard cover, 224 pages, 217 color and 191 B&W photos.

Price: $27.95

- Henry Ford, George Selden, and the Race to Invent the Auto Age

by Lawrence Goldstone

Drive! is the most complete account to date of the wild early days of the auto age.

Lawrence Goldstone tells the fascinating story of how the internal combustion engine, a “theory looking for an application,” evolved into an innovation that would change history. Debunking many long-held myths along the way,

Drive! shows that the creation of the automobile was not the work of one man, but very much a global effort. Long before anyone had heard of Henry Ford, men with names like Benz, Peugeot, Renault, and Daimler were building and marketing the world’s first cars.

Goldstone breathes life into an extraordinary cast of characters: the inventors and engineers who crafted engines small enough to use on a “horseless carriage”; the financiers who risked everything for their visions; the first racers - daredevils who pushed rickety, untested vehicles to their limits; and such visionary lawyers as George Selden, who fought for and won the first patent for the gasoline-powered automobile. Lurking around every corner is Henry Ford, a brilliant innovator and an even better marketer, a tireless promoter of his products - and of himself.

With a narrative as propulsive as its subject, Drive! plunges us headlong into a time unlike any in history, when near-manic innovation, competition, and consumerist zeal coalesced to change the way the world moved.

Hard cover, 384 pages.


Price: $89.95

Penske’s Maestro: Karl Kainhofer and the History of Penske Racing

by Gordon Kirby

Karl Kainhofer, an Austrian-born Porsche-trained master mechanic, was Roger Penske’s personal race mechanic, preparing many of the cars Penske raced in the late 1950s and early ’60s. When Penske started the Penske Racing organization in 1966 Kainhofer was the first man he hired as a full-time employee, and over the following ten years Kainhofer became chief mechanic for Mark Donohue’s Can-Am, Formula 5000 cars, Indy cars and Formula 1 cars.

After Donohue’s tragic death at the Austrian GP in 1975, Kainhofer started a second career as the boss of Penske’s engine shop. Over the following 22 years he was Penske’s chief engine man, before retiring at the end of 1997, after 32 years with Penske Racing. Through a career that spanned 40 years from 1958 through 1997 Kainhofer scored a remarkable 170 wins from 535 races, including 22 with Donohue in the USRRC, Can-Am and Indy cars, plus 94 wins, nine Indy 500s included, as the chief engine builder for Penske’s Indy cars from 1977 through 1997.

In researching and writing Penske’s Maestro, veteran American racing writer and award-winning author Gordon Kirby interviewed more than 60 people who worked with Kainhofer at Penske Racing over the years. Hence the book relates not only Karl’s life history but also the inside story of Penske Racing’s first 32 years. Penske’s Maestro includes more than 400 photos plus a complete statistical record of Kainhofer’s amazing career.

Fully Indexed. Hard cover, 360 pages, 400+ photos.

Price: $29.95

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America’s Racing Trinity

by Bones Bourcier
Forewords by John Andretti & Dave Despain

Twenty years after they hung up their helmets, their names remain synonymous with the sport they carried to new heights. A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, and Richard Petty rose to fame just as the American media – print, radio, and, crucially, television – began to legitimize auto racing. The timing was perfect. In Foyt, Andretti, and Petty, the nation found characters as compelling as any in sports or entertainment.

Foyt was all Texas, John Wayne in a fireproof suit, stomping into Victory Lanes from Indianapolis to Le Mans. Andretti, who’d sailed from Italy with his family at age 15, struck for all outsiders the same yes-you-can chord sounded by another Italian-American, the great Frank Sinatra. Petty, the genial North Carolinian who signed autographs until the last fan went home, put a smiling Andy Griffith face on the American South, no small feat in the tumultuous ’60s.

They crossed paths often, on the track and in the headlines. Take 1967, which opened with Andretti beating NASCAR’s best at Daytona, peaked with Foyt’s third Indianapolis 500 win, and ended with a record 27 victories for Petty. Or the three-season stretch from 1977-79, during which Foyt became the first four-time Indy winner, Andretti earned the World Driving Championship, and Petty captured a landmark Daytona 500.

They even throttled back their careers in near-unison, Petty in 1992, Foyt in ’93, Andretti in ’94. Today all three are revered; as they walk through crowded pit areas, people step back to make way. Charisma never ages.

This is no mere three-act biography. Laced with quotes from first-hand interviews with Foyt, Petty, Andretti, and their peers, and spiced with period accounts from the motorsports world and the changing social landscape, this is award-winning author Bones Bourcier’s history of modern American automobile racing as refracted through the lives of three extraordinary champions.

Hard cover, 348 pages, 24 pages of B&W photos.

Price: $49.95

The Cars of Harley Earl

by David W. Temple

Over Harley Earl’s 50-year career, he created as well as collaborated on the most innovative, bold, technologically advanced cars made by General Motors. As a titan of American auto design, the cars he helped create are still celebrated today. And as an enduring legacy, he inspired a generation of engineers, designers, and stylists.

Veteran automotive historian David W. Temple has researched and unearthed the complete story of Harley Earl's cars, his notable design achievements, and many accolades. Working as a coachbuilder at his father's Earl Automotive Works in Hollywood, California, the young Earl learned his trade. After styling the 1927 LaSalle for GM president Alfred P. Sloan, Earl rose to prominence and ran the newly created department of Art and Color. When the jet age hit, he fully embraced aviation design and infused it into GM cars. He led the team that created the 1953 Corvette, and this iconic American sports car is still going strong today.

Harley Earl's drive toward bold and innovative design spurred American car design during the mid-twentieth century. His work defined the 1950s finned cars and set American automotive design on the path it has followed into the modern era. This is the inside story of these remarkable cars and the man behind them. It's an essential addition to any automotive library.

Hard cover, 192 pages, heavily illustrated with color and B&W photos.

Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $12.95

The Best of Gerald Hodges

by Gerald Hodges

Gerald Hodges, “The Racing Reporter,” has compiled a delightful selection of stories, culled from the thousands of articles and stories he has written since 1993 about racing and its people – and some non-racing folks who just interested him, like Hank Williams and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Soft cover, 240 pages, B&W photos.

Price: $39.95

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The Art of Race Car Design

by Bob Riley
with Jonathan Ingram

After building his first race cars out of southern Louisiana junkyards, Bob Riley quickly established himself as a leading light, if not genius, when it came to race car design.

His first major suspension design helped Henry Ford II make good on his vendetta to beat Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans. Riley's first radical Indy car designs, with its ingenious center-hub-mounted suspension resulted in A.J. Foyt's landmark fourth victory at the Indianapolis 500 in 1977.

Since then, Riley has continued to be at the heart of the world of motorsports, working with its most famous drivers at the biggest events, including the Daytona 500, where his engineering helped Dale Earnhardt finally win NASCAR's marquee event.

In The Art of Race Car Design, Riley shares his insights on drawing cars and later creating them on computers, as well as the experience of working with some of America’s best known teams and drivers. It’s a tale told with candor, modesty and humor about what it’s like to work in racing’s big leagues.

Hard cover with dust jacket, 192 pages, heavily illustrated with color and B&W images, plus a complete statistical record.

Price: $39.95

The History of AMC Motorsports: Trans-Am, Quarter-Mile, NASCAR, Bonneville and More

by Bob McClurg

When manufacturers’ racing involvement are considered, AMC is not a company that immediately comes to mind. Yet even from the very beginning of American motorsports, the companies that became AMC had some serious commitment to motorsports. From the early Nash and Hudson models all the way through the muscle car era, AMC directly participated in racing. The success of Nash and Hudson in early NASCAR racing, AMC Javelins in Trans-Am racing, and AMC's involvement with Mark Donohue and Roger Penske in both their Trans-Am and 1970s NASCAR teams prove that AMC was "in it to win it."

The History of AMC Motorsports from veteran racing journalist Bob McClurg covers it all, from a Nash-American Motors corporate history, the first years of NASCAR, the 1960s efforts that included Trans-Am and drag racing Super Stock programs, to the Craig Breedlove land speed record efforts when 106 world records were shattered and covered by Hot Rod magazine. And let's not forget the 1970s Trans-Am championships with Donohue and Penske, and finally the NASCAR success with Bobby Allison in the always-curious-looking Matador, which is also covered here.

Never before has a single volume chronicled the events that encompass AMC racing history. Whether a hardcore racing history fan or a casual enthusiast of the AMC street offerings, The History of AMC Motorsports provides a unique showcase vital to every enthusiast's library.

Hard cover, color and B&W photos, 204 pages.

Price: $39.95

RAY CRAWFORD - Speed Merchant

by Andrew Layton

Ray Crawford was one of the most versatile race car drivers of the 1950s.

From P-38 fighter ace to pioneering jet test pilot, to multi-million-dollar supermarket mogul, Ray's story comes to life through Andrew Layton's finely crafted text and over 150 rare or never-before-seen images from Dick Wallen’s superb collection.

 Hard cover, 206 pp, coffee table.

Price: $75.00

Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered
the World

by Colin Comer,
Foreword by Carroll Shelby

In 2011, Shelby enthusiast Colin Comer wrote Shelby Cobra 50 Years; the book met with rave reviews, including Esquire magazine naming it "the greatest car book of all time." Shortly after its publication, Carroll Shelby and Phil Remington–the two most important men behind the Shelby Cobra–passed away. In the wake of this loss comes this special collector's edition of Shelby Cobra 50 Years, Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered the World.

The book recalls the early 1960s when Carroll Shelby, a Texas chicken farmer turned champion race driver, had the audacity to think he could start his own car manufacturing company. To further emphasize the gargantuan proportions of his confidence, Shelby decided his company would manufacture nothing but ultra-high-performance sports cars, beginning with the landmark Cobra, introduced in 1962. To the amazement of everyone, except Ol' Shel' himself, Shelby Automobiles succeeded beyond anyone's wildest expectations, building cars that would provide benchmarks for performance that stand to this day and winning world championships in the process.

Shelby Cobra: The Snake That Conquered the World is a complete history of Shelby's Cobra sports cars and firsthand accounts from the people who made the car the legend it is today. It begins with the events that led up to Shelby's decision to build a high-performance sports car, continues with the story of the production Cobra street cars and racecars, and wraps up with Shelby's continuation cars and an all new chapter with tributes to Carroll Shelby from Chuck Cantwell, John Morton, Henry Ford III, Kati Remington-Blackledge, and others, as well as new and updated material.

This special collector's edition includes stunning poster-sized gatefolds featuring artwork by Hector Cadamartori and is an officially licensed Carroll Shelby product.

Hard cover, coffee table book, loaded with color and B&W photographs, 272 pages.

Price: $44.95

Ford Total Performance:
Ford's Legendary High-Performance
Street and Race Cars

by Martyn L. Schorr

In the early 1960s, Ford Motor Company underwent a dramatic change in corporate philosophy. Previously, under Ford's young chairman, Henry Ford II ("the Deuce") safety, not performance, was the goal.

But by 1962, even the chairman realized his philosophy needed to change. Ford was nearly invisible to car-crazy baby boomers. Lee Iacocca convinced Ford that he needed to act decisively or risk losing the emerging youth market to the competition.

Thus began Ford's "Total Performance" program. Ford Total Performance is all about Ford's prime racing era from 1961 through 1971. In addition to purpose-built race cars, it also covers production performance cars, specialty models, and unique concepts such as lightweight drag race cars. The book explores the 427 Fairlane Thunderbolt; Mercury Comet; unique V-8 Falcons that competed in the 1963 and 1964 Monte Carlo Rallies; Dick Brannan's 427 A/FX drag car; Ford Indy 500 winning race cars; 427 Overhead Cam SOHC 427 engines as used in A/FX and fuel race cars; Boss 302 and 429 Mustangs for street, drag racing, and Trans-Am; and many more.

The Ford-Ferrari war that led to the creation of the legendary GT40 Le Mans race cars isn't forgotten. Featuring unpublished period photographs, plus photos and artwork from Ford designers, Ford Total Performance covers all of Ford's classic race and street cars, including Cobras and Shelby Mustangs. It's a must-have book for any fan of classic American performance cars! 

Hard cover, 208 pages, loads of color and black and white photos. 

Price: $59.95

Ford GT: How Ford Silenced the Critics, Humbled Ferrari and Conquered Le Mans

by Preston Lerner

Henry Ford II, "the Deuce," wanted a race car capable of winning top-flight sports car events in Europe. Specifically, he wanted to win Le Mans. Ford learned that Enzo Ferrari would consider selling his company and negotiations quickly ensued. But after Ford spent considerable time and money reviewing Ferrari's operations and negotiating with Enzo, Ferrari abruptly backed out of the talks.

The Deuce took Ferrari's actions as a personal insult. Word was sent down from on high: beat Ferrari. Ford settled on UK-based Eric Broadley's Lola GT, a cutting-edge car that featured a mid-engine chassis and small-block Ford V-8 power. The Lola GT would morph into the Ford GT. Carroll Shelby helped shape it into the "Mark II" GT40. The result was one of the most legendary wins in racing history: Ford's 1-2-3 sweep of Le Mans in 1966.

Ford GT celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ford's iconic victory, providing the detailed back story leading to that historic win, as well as the follow-up win in 1967. The GT40's last two competitive seasons in 1968 and 1969 are also covered, for a complete view of this remarkable era in racing. Author Preston Lerner details the ups and downs of Ford's GT program, accompanied by Shelby American photographer Dave Friedman's historic images. Come re-live one of the most exciting stories in all of racing history!

Hard cover, 224 pages, heavily illustrated with B&W and color photos.

Price: $39.95

Techniques and the Stories Behind the Art

by David Kimble

Renowned artist David Kimble reveals the secrets, techniques, procedures, and the dedication to craft that is required to produce these amazing illustrations.

Kimble’s step-by-step process features fresh, original art of a McLaren Can-Am car and a vintage Harley-Davidson.

A perfect gift for any automotive or art fan.

Price: $19.95

Auto Racing, I Gave You the Best Years
of My Life

by Joyce Standridge

Award-winning auto-racing columnist Joyce Standridge has spent nearly 40 years chronicling life as a racing fan, driver’s wife, car owner and track employee, as well as journalist.

Based on hundreds of columns in national magazines, Joyce takes you on a rollicking ramble to share many laughs—and a few tears.

Soft cover, 238 pages, 273 B&W photos from the author’s personal collection.

Price: $52.00

Click thumbnail above for
Hemmings Motor News review.
The Story of America’s Most Unusual Oil Company

by Charles Seims and Alan Darr

Can you believe that there once was an oil company that everyone loved? From the Roaring Twenties until the end of WWII, the Gilmore Oil Company provided its 3,500 stations in California, Oregon and Washington with much more than gas and oil. There were clowns, circuses, lions (even an airborne one), parades, and a host of giveaways and wacky promotions that gave children and adults alike a smile.

The Gilmore story reads like a fairy tale. From its beginnings in the 1890s as a dairy ranch, the family property in West Los Angeles became an oil field, refinery, sports and entertainment complex and a currently world-class shopping experience. On “Gilmore Island” as it was known, Earl Bell Gilmore built a baseball field, Farmers Market, drive in theater and the first purpose-built stadium ever constructed for Midget auto racing.

Gilmore advertised his oil products aggressively in print and radio media, but the bulk of his advertising dollar was spent sponsoring motor sports–and that meant backing winners. The famous Gilmore Red Lion logo adorned race cars at Gilmore Stadium, Legion Ascot Raceway in L.A. and at Indianapolis (five times a winner) and Bonneville Salt Flats. The company boasted that 253 automobile and aircraft racing records had been broken with Gilmore’ sponsorship–and gas in the tank.

Sold to Mobil Oil during WWII, Gilmore stations faded away, and with them a colorful era. Here is the complete Gilmore story, with hundreds of vintage photographs, and many color images of Gilmore collectibles. Authors Charles Seims and Alan Darr spent ten years compiling this book. In these pages, Gilmore roars again. Hard cover,

240 pages and over 300 photographs.

Originally: $45.00

Special: $30.00


by Henry Dominguez

Award-winning author and Ford historian Henry Dominguez delivers a huge amount of new information, and revealing family detail in The Last Days of Henry Ford.

Contains over 100 images, including the only known color image of Henry Ford in existence.

Hard cover with dust jacket,  366 pages.
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back cover endorsements

Price: $34.95

A History of Auto Racing in New England

- A Project of the North East
Motor Sports Museum

There has never been a book like this one, a carefully researched and written biography of automobile racing in New England.

A History of Auto Racing in New England celebrates the colorful past of racing cars in the six states on road courses, up mountains, along the ocean’s beaches, around dirt and paved ovals, and down strips of concrete and asphalt.

More than the cars, we have focused on the people who drove them and those who created the stages on which the drivers exhibited their courage and their skill. The early races that make up much of the book were profoundly dangerous; participation required abnormal courage. As we celebrate the winners, we mourn with the families and friends of those who paid racing’s ultimate price.

A few have become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams through New England racing. The majority have participated for the love of going fast, the joy of turning wrenches while looking for more speed or better handling or to hear the cheers of the crowd following a winning Saturday night or Sunday afternoon.

Go inside this book’s covers to discover how racing in New England has made so many lives more thrilling and fulfilling – and in ways that could never happen again.

Proceeds benefit NEMSM.

Hard cover, 400+ B&W photos, 304 pages.

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Price: $59.95

Follmer: American Wheel Man

by Tom Madigan

Forewords by Roger Penske & Parnelli Jones

This beautifully produced book covers the entire career of George Follmer, starting from Gymkhana competition with a Volkswagen Beetle in parking lots to Formula One.

George won the 1972 Can-Am championship driving a Porsche 917-10 for Roger Penske. He also won the 1972 Trans-Am championship becoming the only driver to ever win both championships in the same year. He would win the Trans-Am championship again in 1976 driving a Porsche 934. This and other drives in legendary Porsche's make him one of the most successful Porsche drivers ever.

The book covers Indy Car, NASCAR, Can-Am, Trans-Am, Formula 5000, Formula One, Le Mans, World Championship for Makes, IROC Series and numerous others.

Hard cover coffee table, 336 pages, many B&W photos throughout.

Price: $39.95

As a matter of fact, I am

by Parnelli Jones with Bones Bourcier

For race fans who know the sport’s history, “Parnelli Jones” is synonymous with speed. Jones’ journey from California jalopy wars to victory lane at the Indianapolis 500 is the stuff of American motorsports legend. Now, at last, Parnelli tells the story of his incredible racing life. Each chapter is introduced by Bourcier to set the scene and ends with a personal reminiscence by a racer, owner, or friend who was there, including A.J. Foyt, Mario Andretti, Bobby and Al Unser, Bud Moore, Johnny Rutherford, Tony Stewart, and more.

Hard cover, 288 pp, B&W and color photos.

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Price: $19.95

Swamp Yankee: The Racing Life
of Jim Jorgensen

by Walt Scadden

“Swamp Yankee” is the story of legendary crew chief and engine-builder Jim Jorgensen’s epic journey from Riverside Park Speedway in Agawam, Mass., to the National Championship Indy Car Series. From the late 1950s to 1969, Jorgensen and his crew crisscrossed the country, racing his innovative stock car, sprint, and Indy Car designs with standout drivers like Gene Bergin, Buddy Krebs, Bill Brown and Denny Zimmerman.

Progressing from countless bullrings and county fair tracks to some of the most revered venues in the country such as Langhorne, Phoenix and Milwaukee, and on to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Jorgensen made his name and left his mark. His journey had its share of detours and heartbreaking disappointments, but it provided him the formidable education needed to compete at the highest level of racing in the country and earned him induction into the New England Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

Jorgensen’s was a time of open trailers and pick-up trucks, where a handshake was the measure of a man. His story is a compelling account of the ingenuity, passion, triumph and hardship that defined the legendary competitors of racing’s greatest era.

Soft cover, 152 pages, B&W photos.

Price: $34.95

Carroll Shelby: The Authorized Biography

by Rinsey Mills

When Ford wanted to add some spice to its newly introduced Mustang pony car, it turned to former racer Carroll Shelby. The resulting cars proved to be the definitive performance Mustangs of the muscle-car era. The choice made sense. Shelby had proven himself a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack, in the tuning shop, and in the auto industry. By the time Ford hired Shelby to create a racer from its Mustang, the man was already an automotive legend.

Early in his career, Shelby’s accomplishments as a racecar driver included breaking land speed records at Bonneville and winning Le Mans in 1959 with teammate Roy Salvadori. As a team manager, Carroll was part of the FIA World Grand Touring Championship as well as the Ford GT victories at Le Mans.

When his health forced him to give up racing in 1960, Carroll turned his attention to design. He had a vision of a racecar made from a lightweight European chassis with American V-8 power.

The result is what is considered to be perhaps the greatest sports car and one of the fastest road cars ever constructed: the Shelby Cobra.

Shelby’s legacy continues to impact the world of racing and automobile design. Even today, Ford’s premier Mustang carries the Shelby name and iconic snake logo.

This book is the complete, authorized biography of Carroll Shelby including images from Shelby's personal collection. It's the story every enthusiast has always wanted to read.

Hard cover, 464 pages, B&W photos.

Orig: $29.95
Special: $19.95

Miller’s Time - A Lifetime at Speed

by Don Miller with Jim Donnelly

Net proceeds from the sale of this book have been pledged to support the prevention of child abuse and neglect in the Carolinas.

It takes brains, character and extreme courage to succeed at the pinnacle of racing. Don Miller has all three qualities in spades. Roger Penske entrusted him with starting two NASCAR teams, developing their talent, getting the sponsors and turning their drivers into superstars. Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman both have Don Miller to thank for much of their early success at the highest levels of NASCAR. Along the way, Miller was responsible for key innovations in racing tires, insulating materials to protect drivers, and aero packages. He can even take credit for inventing the souvenir trailer of today.

A professional drag racer in his teens and twenties, Miller has always been the hardest of hardcore racers, on every kind of track. That passion has never diminished, even though racing brought him to the very brink of death.

Don Miller has never before told his full story. Miller's Time, the memoirs of this hot rodder, racing titan, gifted businessman and car collector who just plain loves people, is one of the most compelling, rewarding and harrowing racing books that you will ever be lucky enough to read.

Hard cover with dust jacket, 200 black & white photos, 304 pages.

An American Auto Racing Writers & Broadcasters Association (AARWBA) Award Winner

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Price: $25.95

Stuntman!: My Car-Crashing, Plane-Jumping, Bone-Breaking, Death-Defying Hollywood Life

by Hal Needham

“I wrecked hundreds of cars, fell from tall buildings, got blown up, was dragged by horses, and along the way broke 56 bones, my back twice, punctured a lung and knocked out a few teeth…”.

So says Hal Needham, on the flap of his new book. In addition to his fame as a Hollywood stuntman and director, directing classic like Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run, Hal Needham set trends in NASCAR (the first team owner to use telemetry technology) and car collector. His Skoal-Bandit race team was one of the most popular NASCAR teams ever. He was the financier and owner of the Budweiser Rocket Car (now in display in the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum), the first land vehicle to break the sound barrier, traveling at 739.666 mph. A must for movie and racing fans alike!

Hard cover, 320 pages.

Price: $19.95

McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes
of a Hollywood Icon

by Matt Stone

He made movies best remembered for their wild car chases, mad motorcycle dashes, and hair-raising races, but no one forgets the man at the wheel--Steve McQueen, the King of Cool. No other Hollywood star has been so closely linked with cars and bikes. It is this connection that McQueen’s Machines explores, giving readers a close-up look at the cars and motorcycles McQueen drove in movies, those he owned, and others he raced.

From the 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback he drove in Bullitt (in the greatest car chase of all time) to his Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow in "The Thomas Crown Affair", from the Triumph motorcycle of "The Great Escape" to the Gulf-Porsche 917K he actually raced in "Le Mans", the cars and bikes that McQueen made famous in films make another appearance here.

The book also features the cars, motorcycles, and even airplanes that McQueen owned over the years, including two motorcycles that fetched record prices at a recent auction: a 1937 Crocker "Hemi-head" V-Twin and a 1920 Indian Powerplus Daytona. Among notable cars profiled in the book are a 1959 Porsche Speedster bought new by McQueen, a 1957 Jaguar XKSS, a 1963 Ferrari 250 Lusso, a 1953 Siata 208S, a 1965 Ferrari 275 NART Spyder, and a 1969 "Le Mans" Porsche 911S.

With a foreword by Steve's son, Chad McQueen, and a wealth of details about the stars amateur racing career, his movie stunt work, and his car and motorcycle collecting, McQueen’s Machines draws a fascinating picture of one outsized man’s driving passion.

Newly released in soft cover on glossy paper, many color and B&W photos, 184 pages.

Price: $39.95

Mark Donohue:
His Life in Photographs

by Michael Argetsinger

In the stunning follow-up to his award-winning biography Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed, author Michael Argetsinger recreates Donohue’s remarkable life through hundreds of brilliant photographs. Many of these pictures were provided by the people who were closest to Donohue: his family, friends, and Penske Racing teammates. The book also offers some of the best work by the top motorsports photographers of the era, who deliver brilliant images of Donohue with a dazzling array of race cars, and intimate shots with his team and fellow drivers.

These photos not only offer a uniquely personal view of a champion, but also reveal details of the cars that he drove and the preparation that went into racing each of them. These include everything from his earliest home-built efforts to the highly refined Camaros, Javelins, and Porsches that made him a champion and American icon in the 1960s and 1970s. Each image is accompanied by Argetsinger’s detailed, insightful captions. And Mark’s contemporaries—including his Penske teammates and fellow drivers Dan Gurney, George Follmer, David Hobbs, John Surtees, and Bobby Unser—also offer their recollections and commentary.

Even readers who are already familiar with the life and legacy of Mark Donohue will be dazzled by this stunning collection of images and memories. Mark Donohue: His Life in Photographs vividly presents the life and times of an American racing hero.

Hard cover, 160 pages, 126 B&W and
118 color photographs.

Price: $75.00
Phil Hill: A Driving Life

by Phil Hill
with photography by John Lamm

Though he’s best remembered as the first American Formula One champion and a three-time Le Mans winner, Phil Hill (1927-2008) also enjoyed a long career as an automotive writer. Hill was a regular contributor to Road & Track magazine, writing vivid, first-person accounts of his experiences driving everything from the earliest horseless carriages to the most modern road and race cars. Phil Hill: A Driving Life gathers the best of these stories, each of them accompanied by dazzling photographs from Hill’s friend and colleague John Lamm.

The book starts with the very first car, a three-wheeler built by Karl Benz in 1886. From there it’s on to a classic Packard touring car from 1915, the first-ever MG, the revolutionary rear-engined Auto-Union D-Type, and many others. Several chapters find Hill reunited with cars that played a significant role in his racing career. From the 1950s there’s the Jaguar XK120 that gave him an early win at Pebble Beach in 1950 and the Maserati 250F that he drove in his first Grand Prix at Reims in 1958. A decade later there are the Ford GT40s he helped develop, 1963’s ill-fated ATS 100 Grand Prix car, and the unique, high-winged Chaparral 2F that yielded his last professional victory at Brands Hatch in 1967. And there are also Phil’s recollections of other great drivers he drove with and against, including Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss, Olivier Gendebien, and Dan Gurney.

Whether he’s writing about a rare vintage race car, a hard-fought victory, or an old friend, Phil’s essential qualities of intelligence, curiosity, and integrity always come through. Phil Hill: A Driving Life provides a unique perspective on automotive history from a true champion.

A gorgeous, hard-cover coffee-table book, 192 pages with 173 black & white and full-color photos.

Price: $34.95

To Indy and Beyond - The Life of Racing
Legend Jack Zink

by Dr. Bob L. Blackburn

Jack Zink is a legend in the world of car racing. As a driver for more than twenty years, he won stock car races on dirt tracks, accumulated trophies in off-road dune buggies, and even set a flying mile speed record in a 1957 Pontiac he designed and built for the early NASCAR circuit. As a team leader, mechanic, and engineer, he pushed the limits of technology with his innovative designs for cars that were lighter, lower, and more powerful. Even his failures, such as the attempted use of a turbine engine in a car, opened new doors that others rushed through in the pursuit of speed and durability.

Perhaps he is best remembered for his victories at the greatest track in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the greatest race in the world, the Indianapolis 500. From 1950 to 1967, Jack walked shoulder to shoulder with the greatest team owners, mechanics, and drivers in racing history. Twice, his team won the coveted Borg Warner Trophy, in back-to-back Indy victories (1955 and 1956).

But Jack was much more than a pioneer in car racing. He raced sailboats. He raced motorcycles. He also was a skilled engineer and businessman, ultimately building not one but two companies into international giants that still dominate the combustion industry with burners, flares, and incinerators that greatly reduce pollution. Even with all these accomplishments, Jack was most proud of his service to his community, especially the Zink Ranch, a 33,000-acre nature preserve in the Osage Hills of Oklahoma that will perpetually provide open space in an increasingly crowded and urban world.

This biography weaves all of these stories into a portrait of Jack Zink. Along the way are the friends and family members who were part of the adventure, as well as the challenges and opportunities that drove him forward. Here is the story of one amazing man who lived by a simple code: "The man who wins is the man who tries."

Hard cover, 206 pages.

Price: $22.95

SHELBY: The Man. The Cars. The Legend.

by Wallace A. Wyss

A thorough study of the great road racer and developer of the Cobra, Shelby Dodges, and the Viper.

Carroll Hall Shelby also happened to be a chicken farmer, chili cook, dog breeder, safari guide, flying instructor, oil well roustabout, and friend to politicians and kings.

Soft cover, 204 pages, B&W photos.







Price: $

FAST COMPANY - Six Decades of Racers,
Rascals, and Rods

By “Speedy” Bill Smith
with Dave Argabright

Bill Smith rose from humble beginnings to reach the Hall of Fame as a racer and rodder, building a powerhouse company—Speedway Motors—in the process.

Jan Opperman and Doug Wolfgang…’40 Fords and Smitty mufflers…Lloyd Beckman and Tiny Lund…McCullough Superchargers and fast, fast rides…Speedy teams up with acclaimed author Dave Argabright to bring to life the compelling characters and events that shaped racing and all corners of automotive performance.

Hard cover, 352 pp, 32 pp of B&W photos.

Foreword by Ken Schrader, introduction by Dick Berggren.



Price: $25.00

 - 60 Years of Precious Memories

by Gerald Hodges

The biography of "The Voice of Dixie," who for 60-plus years has announced at short tracks across Georgia.

From his earliest years as a cigar peddler, he rose to Senior Vice President of Hav-A-Tampa and was ultimately responsible for the company’s sponsorship of the Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series.

A member of the National Dirt Racing Hall of Fame and a Living Legends of Auto Racing Award winner, Mosteller is a true American original.

256 pp, 140 B&W photos.



Price: $37.95

The Man Who Would Not Die:
The Remarkable Story of
“Lucky” Herschel McKee

by Stephen Olvey

Herschel McKee’s remarkable life story reads like that of a comic-book hero. A daredevil, a leader of men and, above all, a survivor, McKee fought in both World Wars, suffering numerous skirmishes with death. His colorful life included spells as a Foreign Legion soldier, fighter-pilot ace with the elite Lafayette Flying Corps, prisoner-of-war escapee, race car driver, WWII bomber-wing commander and test pilot.

His amazing resilience led to him being nicknamed ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ while he was still alive. Written in a lively, engaging style, here is the true story of an extraordinary man.

Hard cover, 272 pages.



Price: $19.95

Mickey Thompson: The Fast Life and Tragic Death of a Racing Legend

by Erik Arneson

From his adventures in the Carrera Panamericana, through making a run of 406.60 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in his famed Challenger, through multiple trend-setting entries in the Indianapolis 500 and into the creation of some of the most popular off-road racing series, Mickey’s life was full of “firsts.”

Then shockingly, he and his wife Trudy were assassinated in their driveway in 1988.

This is the full story of Mickey’s life at speed and the slow path to justice.

Soft cover only, 304 pages.




Price: $34.95

The Unfair Advantage

by Mark Donohue

In 1974, Mark Donohue took a year off from driving at the height of his racing career to write "The Unfair Advantage," a candid and revealing book about his journey through the world of auto racing – from amateur SCCA races in his own 57 Corvette to winning the Indy 500 in Roger Penske’s McLaren M16.

Considered a classic, the book was reissued in 2000; this edition contains over 60 additional photographs and comments from people who worked and raced with Donohue during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Soft cover, 350 pages, 100+ black and white & color photos.


Price: $39.95

Ab & Marvin Jenkins: The Studebaker Connection and the Mormon Meteors

by Gordon White

The story of Ab Jenkins, who, with Studebaker, set transcontinental highway and hill climb records, raced on the board tracks of the twenties, then, with the help of his son, Marvin, put the Bonneville Salt Flats on the world scene, setting records there for 24 years; Ab's career as Mayor of Salt Lake City and, in the 1990s, Marvin's rescue of his dad's Mormon Meteor III from the un-caring hands of the State of Utah.

Soft cover, 160 pages,
200 black & white photos



Price: $

Let 'Em All Go!

by Chris Economaki

with Dave Argabright

Chris Economaki is the world’s best-known reporter of the auto racing scene. No man, with either the written or electronic word, has had an effect on auto racing like Economaki.

The most powerful leaders of the sport take great care to cultivate a favorable relationship; drivers and mechanics listen carefully to his honest, revealing, direct questions; and the everyman hurries to read Chris’s take on what’s happening in the sport of Auto racing.

Now, with award winning author and columnist Dave Argabright, Economaki tells the story of the sport from the perspective of the man who was there for all to see.

Hard cover, 8 5/8” x 5 1/2 “, 352 pages,
32 pages of black & white and color photos.



Price: $29.95


By Earl Baltes with Dave Argabright

For 50 years Earl Baltes has influenced nearly every form of American motorsports. Now Earl has spoken, in a delightful new autobiography! Earl, one of the most successful short-track promoters in American history, has finally told the story of his life, his dreams, and his experiences. It's been a rough, tough, daring journey, and now you can ride along. With his colorful, straightforward style "the Earl of Eldora" tells of the many deals and promotions that changed the course of American motorsports.

Read about his hilarious and very brief-driving career, his involvement in other tracks, his hardscrabble youth during the Great Depression, his early success in the music business, and the intriguing story of how he happened across a parcel of ground near Rossburg, Ohio and turned it into Eldora Speedway, arguably the most beloved short track in the world. Hang out after the races with the stars of the sport, sharing a beer and many memorable stories. "Earl!" is a one-of-a-kind book, about a one-of-a-kind character, and this is a must-read for race fans everywhere.

Quality hardbound, 240 pages, 9” x 6”
32 pages of color and black & white photos.